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Throwback Thursday: Musicians’ Favourite Music – Eliza Hull

Posted on the 21 January 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
Throwback Thursday: Musicians’ favourite music – Eliza Hull

It is time for the second installment of the musicians' favourite music! This week we are looking at the top 10 songs of all time according to solo artist and winner of the Tomatrax EP of 2013, Eliza Hull.
10. Oasis - champagne supernova

9. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

8. Carole king - so far away

7. Beatles - Across the universe

6. Janis Joplin - Bobby McGee

5. Daughter - medicine

4. Ainslie wills - wide load

3. Bjork - possibly maybe

2. Lamb - Goreki

1. Jeff Buckley - Lover you should of come over

Check out Eliza Hull's website to find out more! You can also check out the interview Tomatrax did with Eliza last year.

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