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Throwback Thursday: 2007 A.k.a. Safety In Numbers

By Winyeemichelle
Throwback Thursday: 2007 a.k.a. Safety In Numbers

On being 16 and sharing outfits with best friends. For some bizarre reason, I found myself on MySpace the other night. Now I'd like to reason out the situation by saying I was looking for a song - I found it FYI - but actually I was also quite taken by morbid curiosity into how I first began to blog. MySpace was the original home of the selfie, the hipster, the self-coined graphic designer, etc. It was also the home of the treacherous Top 8 Friends and PDA's of friendship via matching clothes.
I saved this photo of one of my best friends and I from post-school. Did anyone else's school go through that phase of layering vest tops with white T-shirts? Weird. I think this photo was snapped right when Kayleigh and I grew out of that. We went shopping and job-hunting in the summer, I showed up at her house and boom: a matching outfit. Best friend status confirmed.
Which teen trends did you rock aged 16?

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