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Throwback Jam – All-4-One – I Swear

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

P.S. Is All-4-One the ugliest boy band ever?

Sex city right here - 


So, for my throwback jams, I like to look back at my teenage years for inspiration.  You know what happened in 1994?  Ace of Base owned everyone’s face and if you wrote a song about love you were pretty much guaranteed a top 10 hit.  Look at this list below and tell me when you see a song that’s not about falling in love or banging someone (which is pretty much the same thing in my book.)  It’s unreal how easy it was to make a top ten hit.  Either be a duo of chicks from Sweden (the guys don’t count) or write a song about love.  Easy money all day every day.

Top 25 songs of 1994:

1994 1

Seriously, I think I liked everyone of these songs.  Like really, really liked.  9 and Night like you read about.

And now, #1 songs of 1994


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