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Throw Back Thursday: 17 Things Only Single People Can Do

By Shanlakes
Throw Back Thursday: 17 Things only single people can do
Due to some technical difficulty for todays post I decided to take one from my archives. Hopefully this will be new for all of the followers I have gained since last year. With that are 17 things that only single people have the privilege of doing. (I will be back with a brand new post tomorrow morning morning)
#1. Keep your phone on silent, leave your phone at home for the night, or simply shut it off because there is no one in the world you feel like getting in touch with at the moment. 

#2. Sleep Diagonally 

#3. Spend your money on things like going to the Bulls game, opposed to the 100's we drop on special intimate apparel a month.

#4. Spend the night dancing, kissing, holding hands with someone you met 45 minutes ago, and then feel content walking home by yourself. (Don't actually walk home by yourself, its a figure of speech)

#5. Get away with accidentally skipping a few b.c. pills

#6. Do things your past relationship discouraged

#7. Have genuine fantasies about introducing Ryan Gosling to your family, taking him to your brothers soccer games, cuddling with him while watching a movie, "kissing" him for hours straight, spending the rest of your life with the sexiest man alive...okay I'll stop. (Who am I kidding, even women in the most committed relationships participate in this one)

#8. Make out with someone for no reason other than because they are attractive and you can. 
#9. Listen to love songs, watch The Notebook...and feel absolutely nothing.

#10. Realize how weird it feels to be completely indifferent towards old flames that you genuinely used to care about.

#11. Leave before what's his name wakes up and not have to come up with an excuse as to why you can't stay and have a morning cuddle sesh. 

#12. Have a small, guilty pleasure in knowing a girl just got mad at her boyfriend for staring at you 

#13. Put your hair in a messy bun, throw on your favorite sweats and t-shirt, break out the wine, and for the first time watch SNL (live time) on a saturday night. 

#14. Realize you're finally allowed to accept those free drinks at the bar again

#15. Be selfish

#16. You don't have to come up with a really good argument as to why The Bachelor, Gossip Girl, Kardashians, Real Housewives, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, etc. take priority on the big screen over Monday Night Football. 

#17. Go out braless on a Saturday night 
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