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Through the Eyes of a 12 Year Old

Posted on the 16 May 2012 by Seliharris @seliharris
Economics, monetary policy, and business in general is not everyone's cup of tea. I'm fairly certain that it's rare for most people to ever think about these things, let alone try to understand it. Because of the lack of understanding and absense of a drive to learn, these realities of our existance are barely critiqued by anyone. You can understand my surprise after seeing a 12 year old Victoria Grant completely hammer the corrupt system that we live within in Canada.

Lovely and brilliant little miss Victoria sparked this post of mine today, because this is something that I personally do think about, and something which I have been fairly critical of for a long time.
What Victoria is saying is nothing really new to me, but what impresses me is how far her reach has been. These ideas, this critical thought, coming from a 12 year old is hard to argue with. And better still, it gives me some hope for the future - Hope that perhaps the never ending propaganda machine that we exist within will not fully reach everyone. Perhaps the children of the Internet age are vastly more intelligent and aware than the X or Y generations and beyond. Maybe through evolution with a database of never-ending information at their fingertips, this young generation have already realised better ways for humanity to coexist. Perhaps if they weren't so distracted with menial entertainment items, they'd already be leaders in proposing these ideas.
None the less, this is something we all should be talking about, every generation of every country. It's very evident now that the financial crisis we see ourselves in, is solely due to how the monetary policy of the world operates, not how we operate within that operation. It is this fractional reserve, create money out of nothing, mentality that has created the possibility and reality that vast wealth be accumulated by few people. It is now time that Governments on all levels stop debating about what to spend money on, or what not to, and to fully debate the system we live within. It's my belief that most of these people don't even realise that there are other ways, instead fully accepting that the current world economic decorum is absolute. It is not. There are other, and far superior, ways. Many people have attempted to propagate and even instate these other ideals. Many of them have been destroyed or killed due to these attempts (See "Libya Truth"), but there are indeed other ways. We must open up this debate and should our leaders not do this, we the people must. Essentially, this is what the Occupy Movement is doing, but we must go a step beyond this and envelope the world with the possibility of a new reality. The spreading of this idea is a viral one, because it's a very simple idea: The current system of borrowing from private interests with massive debt attached, who create money out of nothing, is ludicrous.
A 12 year old girl could see that.
Through the Eyes of a 12 Year Old

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