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Thrivecart Vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Posted on the 11 August 2020 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

In this article, we'll be giving you all the details about ThriveCart Vs CartFlows. In this battle against each other, we'll tell you which is the best one for your business with ThriveCart Vs CartFlows.

It's really difficult to decide which of the software is best for you. Particularly when both of these have pleasing features for you to increase conversions, sell, and do the marketing for your online business. So, for all of this, I'm here to help you out.

If you're searching for some enlightening comparison between ThriveCart and CartFlows, you're at the right place.

Here we're going to discuss their builders, integration, pricing, features, benefit drawbacks, and much more.

Let us begin by knowing the overview of each : Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick?

What Is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a technical tool for the easy creation of optimized checking out pages for e-commerce business owners or marketers. The objective is to increase your conversions at the checking out stage of the sales funnel. Check our detailed ThriveCart review here.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

This software is a solution for all your shopping carts which was founded by Josh Bartlett in 2016. Right from then, this tool has been continuously updated with amazing features that make it sound out from everyone else in the market.

Except for the fact that this software's vital aim is to boost your sales and increase your all-rounded sales funnel revenue. ThriveCart also comes with various other features. Which you might be familiar with.

Here are few features of ThriveCart We will soon have a detailed look at the vital features further in this article.

CartFlows on the other side is a sales funnel developer based in WordPress, which enables you to develop any type of sales page and it's processed on your WordPress website. This software was founded by Adam Preiser and Sujay Pawar.

CartFlows, on the other hand, is a WordPress-based sales funnel builder that allows you to build any type of sales page and sales processes inside of your WordPress site. As far for my research, this software was developed to assist those who couldn't really pay for funnel building tools for their marketing landing pages from software like ClickFunnels and so on.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

This software has numerous features being a sales funnel builder for websites on WordPress with some add ons which is why it is a competitor of ThriveCart.

I'd like you to keenly read their features to understand both the software equally and choose the perfect one for you.

Here are a few features of CartFlows.

  • It is based on WordPress
  • Funnel builder
  • Bump orders
  • Single Click upsells
  • Functions with WooCommerce
  • Great integrations
  • Cart abandonments

I must say the features mentioned above are just the tiny part of the whole area.

The Bigger Picture (Detailed features of ThriveCart VS CartFlow)

We will now discuss the individual features of both the software, analyze them, and how they can benefit you.

I'm sure you'll have a clear picture by the end of this article.

Features of Thrivecart Vs Cartflow

ThriveCart is a marketing tool online that acts as a model for stimulating your business and collecting payments for all your virtual, physical, subscription-based products and services from your customers and so on. Noting, it's feature goes deep beyond it's processing payment system.

Offers templates for check out pages

This software arrives with an already built template for your checkouts that you can select, customize, and brand them they want you to want it to look. It's sad that they just have 4 templates, but they're finely solid and all of it can be laid off so that you can add your elements.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)
Additionally, each of these 4 templates offers you different goals. Like,
  • Templates for single-step checkout
  • Templates for double -step checkout
  • Template for Embeddable checkouts
  • Templates for Popup checkout

ThriveCart accepts various methods and payments.

This software accepts various methods and payments. Unlike all the other tools of the shopping cart, only this one gives you the most number of payment associations.

It's payment processors integrated with ThriveCart are Stripe, Paypal, and Apple Pay. Probably this platform is the only one integrating with Apple pay maybe which means it has the most number of conversions through phone users.

There are also some of its forthcoming associates like Braintree and also direct bank transfer availability.

The other fascinating thing is its payment selection model and for its types, you're enabled to tailor it as per your choices.

A/B testing

Though we know split testing isn't really a golden feature neither it is a fresh work for the marketers in this generating. As the marketers who test wins the race.

ThriveCart software has a robust testing feature that is built for enabling you to do split testing to the segments for your products against one another.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

This tool will revive the segments of products for a time span and then show you the winner in the end. As the products can be of the same segments in relation to pricing, formats, designing, order bumps, and so on. Or maybe tests completely different services or products to check which performs great.

Down sells and Upsells, discounts and Coupons

The chance to make the complete benefit from their own sales and upsells for your checking out pages is something not every sale funnel builder tool or landing page builder provides. This software shines brighter when it comes to conversions and boosting sales.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)
Coupons and Discounts
Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

For this there is a category named as ThriveCart management and creating. Where the feature allows you to make coupon codes that can be utilized by your customers (it's usually offered by associates) and also with the discounting codes.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Affiliated Management system of ThriveCart

Even prior to the discovery of this software as a cart one, I've always been using it as an affiliate for other products. Truly this feature is simple and quick to understand.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Managing and tracking your affiliates is pretty easy with this software. The only thing I couldn't digest was this management platform of affiliates is the payment choice for them and probably only Paypal is favored.

Integrations at ThriveCart

Software like :
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • InfusionSoft
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Ontraport
  • Digital Access Pass
  • HubSpot
  • Wishlist Member
  • Kunaki
  • LeadPages
  • ConvertKit
  • Membermouse
  • OptimizePress
  • Teachable
  • Stripe
  • iPhone/ApplePay/GooglePay
  • PayPal
  • ConvertKit
  • Membermouse
  • Zapier integration (hundreds of other apps)
And additional integrations are yet to be added.

The integration of this software supports you to an extent for your marketing tools where there's not much you have to do later. Integration can be done with your loved mailing services, CRM, landing page builders, and membership sites.

Features of CartFlow Thrivecart Vs Cartflow

I know, ThriveCart has taken it all, but now let's have a look at CartFlows features. With no surprise, this software has amazing features and is completely more flexible than ThriveCart is.

As both have their own objectives to be served. CartFlows is known for being a creator of sales funnel for WordPress websites whereas ThriveCart is a unique cart for maximizing conversions.

Has templates Pre-built

CartFlow sales funnel developer gives you templates that are pre-designed for you to be used without working from scratch.

It offers 6 premium and 4 free funnel templates to assist you to design your funnel process for your website on WordPress.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

The free templates are the no-cost versions that come with certain limitations while the pro templates provide you extra options to design your sales funnel.

Operates with Woocommerce and WordPress

You cannot use this software without Woocommerce and WordPress

This software integrates well with Woocommerce and WordPress for checking out pages and more. So, this basically means if you're planning to use this software you're required to have a hosting account with a domain with installing WooCommerce and WordPress.

Payment gateways:

CartFlows has no support for payment models or payment gateways solely. It uses the gateways which are supported by Woocommerce.

CartFlows also functions with standing WooCommerce extensions to assist you with your various other needs.

Check out fields of Custom cart

This option is one of the features of CartFlows which you may not find in most of the checking out tools which include ThriveCart. Now, for an instance, you desire to add field forms like "Country", "newsletter subscription", "Gender" or anything as such this software allows you to do all.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Yet this one's only available for the premium accounts of this software.

Functions well with page builders of WordPress

On an important note, their templates do not work without a page builder of WordPress. Fortunately, it encourages all the landing page builder tools of WordPress like Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Divi, and Elementor.

Or maybe I can say this software doesn't function well without the page builder of WordPress. After you select a template, it will be sent to your selected page builder, and you can clear up and arrange the elements the way you want to.

Upsells and Bump order offers

The upsells and bump orders can be found in this software and also in ThriveCart.

With the bump order, you can offer similar products at one time rates and discounts. Similar to the complementary products, services, and training.

Order Bump
Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)
Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

For the upsells it has always been big-ticket or extremely costly products or services. At times it may be a single time offer or for products in huge quantities.

Just how ThriveCart arrives with templates to boost your sales, CartFlows as well is inclusive of down sells and upsells pages for importing your loved page builder of WordPress.

Abandonment cart of CartFlows

This feature is freshly added to the software. This feature functions with the integration of the software along with CRM to anytime shoot automatically when any of your expectation doesn't finish a transaction at the checking out page of your sales funnel


So, any of the software you want to incorporate with must be either:

As we know this software works with WooCommerce and WordPress by acquiring a domain and a hosting account. With this, I can say all the plugins of WordPress and extensions of WooCommerce can be integrated with your sales funnel on CartFlows.

Pricing: ThriveCart vs CartFlows

So, now that we know about their features let's talk about the rates.


Though we haven't really compared it sidewise, which we'll soon be doing. Yet, no comparison can be completed without talking about their prices and value for considering.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Dissimilar to most of the softwares in the market. The prices of this software differ a lot from the rest of them.

This software is not charged yearly or monthly. It is apparently available with a lifetime subscription with the price of $495 for every regular shopping cart and checks out page features and $690 for its premium features.

This software checks out is just available in their present program with slashed discounts on their prices. They also offer you a money-back guarantee for 30 days.


As far as I've researched and with recent statements in the community of ThriveCart their program is supposed to come to an end soon and it will then be charging from $95 each month.

The rates of CartFlows is extremely favorable (at the introductory stage) compared to ThriveCart.

I say this as you can obtain a zero cost plan of CartFlows to trial their platform and produce your initial sales funnel with paying no dime. Yet, this no-cost plan is insufficient in a few of the amazing features in this software.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Maybe that's where you may have to upgrade your plan to a premium version which costs $299 for every year.

The annual cost of this software is inclusive of their premium templates, single click downsells, upsells, custom checkout fields, support, bump offers improved with WooCommerce checking out pages, and more.

For me, I don't find it much valuable in obtaining a no-cost account being a serious virtual business founder.

I just wanted to examine their creations of the sales funnel.

The premium version is the best for the ones who want to develop a conventional virtual business or store through e-commerce for generating revenues and profits.

In terms of pricing, I feel ThriveCart is like an addiction where you cannot get over it and try something else. As it basically has a lifetime deal. For me, ThriveCart is the winner.

Customer Support: ThriveCart vs CartFlows

The support team at ThriveCart

This is one of the more crucial things I have looked into for any of the SaaS products. How great the customer is and so on. For any barriers that come in our way, whether it is about the understanding of how the software has to be used or it's technical potential problems or maybe non scheduled domains of the software. We as clients deserve complete right assistance from the team.

Being their user I get to be a part of their community. I'd surely say it's one of the most beneficial communities ever. Their support team for sales funnel and cart is brilliant.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Their Facebook community (which has around 10k community members) is also Is effective for any challenge you may face on their platform.

The support team at CartFlows

If you're in need of one on one conversation with their support team, you need to propose a ticket and wait for up to 24 hours for them to revert back.

This platform has a Facebook community too with around 4K members (for the comparison). They also have beneficial documentation and knowledgebase where you can look out for anything related to this platform.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

If you wish to speak to their customer support, then you can definitely propose a ticket.

For me, the winner in this criterion is both. Yes, it's a tie. Also, they do not have a feature of live chat.

ThriveCart Benefits ThriveCart Drawbacks

Benefits and Drawbacks of ThriveCart and CartFlows

  • Templates are Professionally Designed
  • Use your choice of page builder
  • Split testing and countdown times
  • CartFlows Drawbacks
  • Their knowledge base lacks deep and detailed tutorials.

CartFlows Benefits

Which one among ThriveCart and CartFlows is a better choice?

That makes a huge difference.

It's now time to make a final choice. Firstly, I shall begin by saying that ThriveCart can be utilized or rooted by almost any of the websites of your wish. Whereas in CartFlow it just works within the WordPress system integrated with WooCommerce.

If you're looking for a solution for your shopping cart to use it on landing pages, marketing platforms, and funnels you wish, CartFlows does not allow you to do that. Also when the talk is about checking out page flexibility in designing CartFlows has great efficiency to do that.

With this fact, this software is WordPress based. You may brand and design anything you wish (by using a builder and it's elements) only within WordPress.

But, when the talk is about ThriveCart, although you get few templates to design with but isn't as flexible as the other platform. For a fact, it has more extensions and plugins to work along CartFlows.

But being honest, gaining the best using CartFlows needs more extensions and plugins which may lead to possible glitches and delayed loading of landing pages.

With having an experience as a user of WP, I know:

Additional plugins = Slower loading website

As you'll surely need a plugin at WordPress or software like WooCommerce features to attain they elements on CartFlows:
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Affiliate Centre
  • Webhooks
  • Automated receipts
  • Digital Sales Tax
  • Subscription managing
  • Retargeting
  • Membership integrations
  • Secure URLs
  • Dunning functionality
  • Apple Pay (isn't available)
  • Quantity adjustments (isn't available)
  • A/B testing (isn't available)
  • Kunaki integration (isn't available)

What else you need to know?


Thrivecart Vs Cartflows Testimonials

Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)
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Thrivecart vs Cartflows 2020: Which One Should You Pick? (Top Pick)

Conclusion: Thrivecart Vs Cartflows Comparison 2020

For the points mentioned about it's very clear that this software safeguards you from numerous duct taping. While researching I also found that some of the extensions of WooCommerce required charges to build your sales funnel and checking out pages were amazing.

That means additional $$$ has been put into your CartFlows annually payment. But you can't assume ThriveCart cannot do the Global and Custom Checking out thing. That's the icing for CartFlows.

In the end, it's your decision to choose for the one you think is a perfect solution for you to need your business wants. Here, I've done my work of analyzing them both and I'd say ThriveCart steals the show.

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