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Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

Posted on the 01 December 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

We all want to exponentially increase the traffic of the website and actually, it's a good idea. But somehow if we're not able to convert those visitors into our potential customer then we're actually wasting our time as well as resources in growing our audience.

Then the question arises here, how we can optimize a blog or website and its content in order to improve the conversion rates?

No clue! We have got a solution for you.

Don't worry we are here to help you. One step is to create multiple versions of your content and each of them with different touch and slight variations. And then we can simply run the live test in order to find out which version of the content is actually generating more clicks, sign-ups, downloads or achieving whatever your goal is.

Running up A/B test and testing sounds a little bit complicated. But here you can use a plugin to do this effectively and effortlessly.

Here comes Thrive Optimize - A Powerful A/B testing plugin for WordPress. Actually, this plugin has the ability to run these A/B split test on your website without putting efforts.

Let's know more about this legit A/B Testing Plugin.

In this post, we have featured Thrive Optimize Review 2021 that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let's get started here.

Thrive Optimize Review 2021: A Legit A/B Testing Plugin For WordPress

About Thrive Optimize:

Basically, Thrive Optimize is powerful A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress. And it's an add-on for the Thrive Architect Page Builder plugin that will let you easily launch A/B tests for WordPress pages right from the Thrive Architect editor interface.

Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

Once you'll start an A/B test you can easily duplicate your existing pages in order to create a variant and also you can make some small changes. Even you can create a new variant form the scratch to simply test the different pages. Here you can also divide the traffic right between unlimited variants according to your needs.

You can also track the conversion difference over several weeks, months or even years and then you'll start to realize how important running A/B tests are for growing your business rapidly.

The best part about Thrive Optimize is that it is very fast and simple as here you can perform A/B test in less than 1 minute. This the true power of this plugin. And it's so easy to use and you'll love watching it functionality.

Now you don't have to wade through 15 steps in order to start one test. Here also you don't have to add code snippets right to different pages on your website. The best of all here no complication integrations is there. You can simply manage from a single dashboard and your website.

Thrive Optimize Key Features:

Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

When you'll get started with Thrive Optimize you'll get an amazing feature that will really automate the A/B testing process. And there are also many advanced features that you will be getting right with this plugin. Let's explore some its amazing feature:

You can easily create the A/B tests right for your Thrive Architect built landing pages. And really this feature will really save your precious time.

You have the liberty to run as many tests as you want, here you can run tests according to your needs and requirements concurrently or in sequence. And the best part is that there will be no limitation.

Here you can try unlimited test variations as here you can simply run tests right with 2,3 or 4. And it's really up to how many competing variations you actually want.

Just choose to simply measure "page Visit", "opt-in form submission" or even select it as the conversion goals.

Now you can easily distribute traffic right between your tests variations or even set your own ration.

JUst see all of the details about how your tests are actually performing, statistic and more.

Simply let the Thrive Optimize crunch the number and easily choose the winning variations right for you. You can just choose the "set-it-and-forget-it" autopilot and more.

Basically, Thrive Optimize is a simple add-on to The Thrive Architect and also the most advanced visual front editor right for the WordPress.

The best part is that Thrive Optimize installs and runs right on your own WordPress website and is managed right through our WP dashboard.

Thrive Optimize have dedicated support and the development team is here to help you out when you actually needed.

You can even clone any of your existing landing pages in just one-click. So that you can easily modify the variations and simply launch your test in mere minutes.

Thrive Optimize Saves You From Tasks Like

How To Create A/B Test With Thrive Optimize?

Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

The functionality of this plugin is very simple and straightforward. You can easily follow this step in order to get started and running with Thrive Optimize right away.

Step #1: Create A Page

In the very beginning, you need to just create a page on your WordPress site or blog. The process of creating the pages is very simple and easy.

Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

Or if you already have any pages on your website then you need not worry about that. Just pick up the pages that you wanted to optimize and run the test.

Step #2: Variation of The Pages

Here in this step, you need to just create a variation of that page. And here the page will be 100% visual editing, and there will be no custom script or shortcode process. Everything is simple and straight forward.

Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

Now we're in the third step and here we need to just pick a conversion goal like what we actually want to find out form the A/B test.

Step #3: JustPick Up A Conversion Goal
Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

In the fourth step, we are actually ready to start the test. Just hit the button of start test, sit back and relax. You can check out other details later.

Step #4: Start The Test
Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

Here you will get the comprehensive details of your A/B test. Now you have gone through the whole process. And I think you have some idea how flexible this tool actually is.

Thrive Optimize Pricing Plans

Really, Thrive Optimize is one of the reliable A/B testing plugins for WordPress. And it's the start of actually something new. The pricing plans offered by Thrive Optimize is very flexible and affordable so that you can easily get started with it.

Simply get your copy of Thrive Optimize Today, let's check out its complete pricing plans.

Thrive Optimize Review 2021: Best A/B Testing Plugin ( Upto 200% ROI)

The best part about Thrive Optimize is that it also offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. As here they are offering 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and somehow if you're not satisfied with its services then you can claim your money back. All you need to do is contact their friendly support staff and they'll refund your money and the no question will be asked.

Thrive Membership ($19/Month)

Quick Links:

1 License Pack ($127)

Conclusion: Thrive Optimize Review 2021

5 License Pack ($177)

We all know that A/B testing is complicated and in order to, more impactful A/B testing we need to have a reliable A/B Testing Plugin. And I think Thrive Optimize is that best we have got in the market as it is one of the reliable and flexible A/B testing Plugin.

We highly recommend Thrive Optimize right to our visitors. And somehow if you're already using Thrive Architect then really adding Thrive Optimize to your WordPress website or blog is highly recommended.

Here using this plugin you can test changes and variations of your page designs that are blood and small. You can really optimize your pages and post in order to get better conversion rates and all

We hope this post suits your purpose well. If you have conducted A/B testing before on your website or blog do tell us right in the comment section below.

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