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Thrifty B*tch

By Britishcouture


I still can't quite believe my find yesterday. As a huge fan of the Acne Velocite Oversized Shearling jackets, I came across this Japanese real sheepskin leather coat in a charity shop yesterday, for can I just say, £4. It just had an Acne vibe about it, particularly the oversized soft feel to it along with it's shape and black shearling inner. It also has that puffy feel similar to the scuba style jackets. Whilst I don't want to replicate the Acne velocite coat, I've ordered some buckles to place above the sheepskin cuffs to give it the Acne-esque look that I love. The quality of it is insane and it is super cosy - it may just be in for the running as one of my best finds yet.

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