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Three Simple but Impacting Reasons of Learning Japanese in Japan

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Learning Japanese is difficult; yes? Of course! We cannot honestly deny that Japanese language is one of the most challenging idioms a learner is trying so hard to learn at. Since its level of difficulty is way too intolerable to some, they honestly choose other “easier languages” compared to this one.

But why do some people really get to choose this language over other foreign languages that we know? It’s because they have been compelled with certain reasons that required them to learn this particular language.

Are you also compelled to learn Japanese language? The following three reasons might be your personal motives why you choose to learn Japanese language—particularly in Japan!

Global and Economic Importance

Japan, as we all know, plays a very important role in the global and economic contribution. When you are a business-minded person who understands how significant Japan is in this particular context, you would not hesitate to learn Japanese language. Regardless of their knowledge in English when they make transactions among foreign investors, it really makes an edge when you, considering being a foreign investor, know Japanese language as well.

Besides, having knowledge with this idiom makes you gain access to information exclusively on Japanese language only. It is also your benefit in various aspects when you get to learn foreign languages such as these. Science and culture can attest to that.

Opportunity to Acquire a Different Culture

Japanese lifestyle is way too different with other cultures around the world. It has its own identity. In fact, it is completely in contrast with the European way of life. When you choose to learn Japanese in Japan, it will surely give you a vast opportunity to acquire something from a different culture. Whether you are an American, a European, or even an Asian, Japanese culture will make you learn something through understanding their lifestyle, culture, tradition, and etiquette. It is honestly a great opportunity to try something completely new and to learn how to perceive the world in a very different way.

Has a Distinctively Unique Alphabet

You might have thought to yourself that you can verbally speak out Japanese language and use it to your advantage. That would have been a very inspiring reverie for you right? But how about seeing yourself fluent, not just in language’s speaking skill but also in writing as well? Would that count?

Well, one of the challenging parts of learning Japanese language in language schools is to learn its alphabet. It’s really tough understanding how each stroke of the alphabet means so much for a certain word. And of course, it really is very challenging because it’s far too different with the typical alphabet that we all know of.

Nevertheless, once you have acquired this already, the learning itself is worthwhile. It may be a complicated language as most have considered it, but hey, it has a logic and sensibility that some people are appreciating. It basically mirrors out what Japanese really is.

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