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Three Score & Ten Exhibition

By W B Gooderham @wb_gooderham
Dear All Not a new find, but in lieu of any kind of mailing list, a blog post is all I’ve got if I feel the need to make the occasional announcement. Anyway, this announcement is to let you know that I’ve got an exhibition of my Other Lit-Based Project (Three Score & Ten) coming up at Burley Fisher Books in Dalston next week. Three Score & Ten has been a long time in the making (I first wrote about it waaaay back in 2009) and has gone from being a blog to nearly being a book (dammit) and has somehow winded up masquerading as an exhibition.  It’s going to be running for about a month or so and there’s going to be a launch night on March 15. So please do feel free to come along on the 15th and stand awkwardly with me in a room for an hour or so. Here’s the link to the ‘bish: and it’s on Facebook too: Thanks for reading. Very Best Wayne

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