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Three Guidelines in Making Your Second Language Acquisition Successful

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Learning English as a second language is not unusual to people nowadays when they want to be successful. The world knows that there is so much to learn and comprehend when they choose to step out from their comfort zone and go beyond the distance. They know there is so much to know when they choose to travel abroad. The greener pasture, as they term it, is usually found when they leave their console behind and goes out to the world and explore.

This is then where second language acquisition takes place. Normally, you need to learn a second language when you get to a foreign country. I mean, if you want to go anywhere in the world, there is but one common language that you must know right? You have to learn English language since this is one of the considered international languages. When you know English, you can formally communicate to the people in general anywhere in the world. But, if you are excellent with English, your knowledge towards it will become your engine to the success that you’ve always wanted from the beginning.

Now then, how are you going to make your second language acquisition successful if this is then they key to unlock the opportunity? There are actually several guidelines we can name of, but we can name at least three. Well, if you have other guidelines then you can add up the lists; but for now, let’s just itemize them in five figures.

1. Dynamically Practice the English Language

Constant practice really makes permanence; so if you are continually committed to work out your second language acquisition with a dynamic attitude, there is nothing impossible for you not to learn it.

When you practice the English language, make sure you practice not just the language’s writing skill, but also the speaking as well. Recite every word that you find easy and recite more on the difficult. Care to highlight the words that you are having difficulties in pronouncing. Hear yourself when you pronounce the words and use it along with a sentence. When you continuously do this correctly, you are sure to get permanent results.

2. Form Study Groups

One of the best ways when you are learning English is to learn it with a group. For an introvert person, perhaps they want to learn it by themselves; but learning English language with a group is certainly helpful to make your learning more effective.

Forming study groups means meeting regularly with classmates to work out together your homework assignments, learning vocabulary, group studying for a future tests, or just simply practicing to speak out the language. When you are in a group, all of your strengths and weaknesses go hand on hand together; therefore you can be the strength to other’s weaknesses and they can be their strength on your weaknesses. Besides, it’s fun to learn languages with a group. It makes you forget the boring side of learning and just enjoy each other’s company.

3. Identify your Learning Method

Are you a visual learner who feels comfortable to look at pictures in learning languages? Or perhaps you are an auditory one who prefers to hear more? Some learners are considered to be kinesthetic because they are learning best through hands-on activities.

Whatever kind of Language Learner you are and the kind of learning method you are easy to use with, make advantage of it and maximize your learning potential.

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