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Three Good New Year’s Resolutions for Blog Owners for 2017

Posted on the 21 October 2016 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson

Running a blog can mean a lot of things to a blog owner. It can be a source of income, a way of promoting a personal business or cause, a way of communicating with a network of people, or simply a fun hobby. What it does tend to become, however, is quite an important thing in your life, whether it is something you take pride in because you love doing it, or because it helps your business. If this is the case for you, then why not, while you are planning ways to improve yourself and your life for the new year, consider adding a new year's resolution for your blog, alongside any others about health, fitness and personal development?

Three Good New Year’s Resolutions for Blog Owners for 2017 Here are three ideas of things you could start doing to make 2017 the strongest year ever for you as a blog owner:

Learn Better Technical Skills

These days, running a blog is fairly easy from a technical perspective, and this means that many of us don't really understand even things like HTML, let alone how all of the plugins and other technology we use on our sites actually work. However, by improving your technical skills, you can find ways to make your blog better for your users and also run it more capably, rather than shying away from implementing features you would like to have because they sound dauntingly complicated to add to your site. There are loads of online tutorials that can help you, but if you want to aim big with a new year's resolution that will really improve your life, then you could even start doing a course that results in a serious qualification, like an online MSCIS or computer information systems degree. Many good online universities offer these courses, and you can work on them from home in your own time.

Start Vlogging

Video content is becoming ever more important on the web, but many bloggers still aren't taking advantage of the boost it can bring to traffic. With just your computer or phone, you can make interesting video blog posts that could add a new dimension to your site, and you don't need to become a master in terms of video production to do it - just make a video that is interesting and sincere.

Improve Your Monetization

Whether you already make money from your blog or not, make 2017 the year you start to refine its performance. Get rid of spammy advertisers or outdated marketing content, and begin looking at strategies that can improve the quality of your site and win you better partnerships for monetizing the site. Have a plan to gain more traffic and improve your site's stats, and start really taking this seriously for 2017, so your site can become a bigger asset as the year moves on.

These are three ideas for new year's resolutions you could set for yourself as a blog owner to make your blog really shine in 2017.

Three Good New Year’s Resolutions for Blog Owners for 2017
Three Good New Year’s Resolutions for Blog Owners for 2017

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