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Three Famous Italian Language Learning Destinations

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Most people are fascinated with traveling abroad. You see, some of them are so enthralled with the distinct culture that particular country is impressing to them, and they always get astounded.

If you are this person, I’m sure, you can relate to this. And if you are someone who is fascinated with the Italian culture, it is not surprised that you will be compelled to learn its language as well.

Since Italian has its own distinctive feature, its language is a lot easier to learn once you learn it in places where it is both widely spoken and taught. The following lists below are just three of the many places the language is learned and practiced.


This is one remarkable city located in the Tuscany region, where the Italian Renaissance happens to start during the 13th down to the 16th century. European artists, including the famous Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were born in this place. You see, 350 of the thousand European artists lived and worked in Florence; and of course, it is a place where Italian language is natively spoken.

Since Florence is a place in Italy, it is not impossible that they will establish their own prominent language schools there. They will always offer language courses that inhabit learners to absorb the language especially when they choose to learn it abroad. Museums, art galleries, participate in concerts, conferences, and excursions will be part of the package when learners choose to learn Italian language in one of their language schools. It’s going to be an experience and learning worth spending for.

Besides, the Italian culture in itself is very exquisite and refine, as far as history can prove. It was still during 16th century but yet, they lived in such modern civilization. Isn’t this a mark of living culture and worth-learning ways of life?

Rome and Siena

Rome is not only famous for its religious aspects and how the movies “Angels and Demons” and “Da Vinci Code” brought their place more to stardom. They are, in fact, also the home of quality language schools that teach Italian language.

As of Siena, the place is famous for medieval houses, cathedrals, and of course, the all famous Piazza del Campo. Of course, aside from its distinctive features, the place has developed its way of equipping students from all over the world with Italian language by establishing competitive language institutions.

So make your travel times more wholesome and remarkable by learning Italian language in one of these destinations!

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