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Three Day Millionaire (2022) Movie Review

By Newguy

Three Day Millionaire – Movie Review

Three Day MillioniareThree Day Millioniare

Director: Jack Spring

Writer: Paul Stephenson (Screenplay)


  • Colm Meaney (Con-Air)
  • Jonas Armstrong (Edge of Tomorrow)
  • James Burrows (Fighting with My Family)
  • Robbie Gee (Paddington 2)
  • Sam Glen

Plot: ‘A raucous black comedy about a gang of Grimsby Trawler-men who carry out the heist of a lifetime’.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Three Day Millionaire starts as we meet the last gang of trawler-men in Grimsby. Curly Dean (Burrows), and Budgie (Glen) look forward to their time away from sea, only to learn Mr Barr (Meaney) has agreed to the sale of the business. Leaving them and their closest friends without a future.

The local councilman Mr Graham (Armstrong) looks to recruit Curly and his friends to complete a heist. One that could see the men get back on the sea and back to working in the world they love.

Verdict on Three Day Millionaire


Curly Dean is a trawler man, he is the one everyone at work goes to for help, advice or a good time. When he learns about the company, he sets out to solve the problem, becoming a Robin Hood figure in Grimsby. He brings together his best friends for the heist in hopes to save the local community.

Mr Barr is the owner of the company that sells up leaving his employees empty-handed. He knows it is just business, but he continues to gloat about what he has done to everyone.

Mr Graham recruits Curly on the heist, he knows what is up for grabs and offers to do the more difficult side of the operation. He feels helpless when it comes to what is happening to the business and wants to change it.

Budgie and Codge are the two closest friends that help Curly and usually find themselves dealing with his parties. There are other employees we meet along the way, whose lives have been changed by the actions of everyone involved.


The performances in the movie are strong. James Burrows brings plenty of charisma to the leading role making us believe he is a true local in the movie. Colm Meaney being the biggest name in the movie gets to show the big moments, while the rest of the cast all work well throughout the film.


The story follows a group of recently laid-off trawler men who come together on a heist against their former employer. This sees them needing to put a plan together and use their people skills to get the heist done.

In the world of many heist movies, you always need to find a little spark to make it stand out. This does a good job to make the community feel desperate for a solution. Addressing many of the problems small towns have faced due to changes in the community. As for the heist, it does all it needs to, letting the banter between the friends carry the movie along nicely.

Using the small town setting of Grimsby helps, with the history in the opening, showing how much has changed.

Where to Watch: THREE DAY MILLIONAIRE will be in UK and Irish cinemas and digital platforms from 25th November.

Final Thoughts Three Day Millionaire is a fun heist movie with a true community feel.

Three Day Millionaire (2022) Movie Review
Three Day Millionaire (2022) Movie Review

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