Three Dates

Posted on the 31 January 2020 by Views She Writes @ViewsSheWrites

People had told him about the three dates. Normally, hw would make up his mind about a girl in the first 10 seconds of meeting. From there, it was either in or out for him. Not that he regretted any of his previous choices, but this time, he decided to try the three dates approach.

He was still dicey on whether it means three occasions in one day or three separate days of meeting, but he decided three days would be fun to try. Why not try and spend maximum time together for three days! Also, doesn’t girls generally like all the attention?

So it was three whole days before he was done with her. By the end of three days, no one would have identified her with what was left of her body. Every single part was chopped into tiny pieces while she was still alive. The last three days of her life was spent in excruciating agony. And he enjoyed every bit of it.

Three dates it would be for all the other girls in his future now.

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