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Three Aspects of Life Influenced By Foreign Language Learning

By Tlb
Day 57 - On the Nature of Language

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Learning languages is very important to a person both to himself and to others who surrounds him. That is why learners are encouraged to take a decision to learn language in different methods, whether they can enroll to language schools or subscribe to online language learning.

But do you know that most aspects of a person’s life are greatly affected everytime a learner learns a new language?

The lists provided below are actually the three aspects of life affected by foreign language learning. Let’s itemize these one by one.

Professional Aspect

You and I both know that a person’s professional career will get boosted when he chooses to learn language locally or internationally. There are lots of opportunities to be chosen from when he is knowledgeable in various languages. Whether we like it or not, a bilingual person really has an edge to those who are only monolingual. He becomes recognizable to the companies whose nature of employment requires knowledge in foreign languages. There are indeed various jobs available with this kind of nature, you know.

Whether a person works in call center agencies, business companies, mass media, or even in educational and political fields, a person’s knowledge on other languages is very essential to him. It is not important just because he can include it to his credentials, but the learning also make him to become more effective and competent in his own working field.

Personal Aspect

According to researches, people who learn language in language schools or online learning develops their brain conditionally and finds more personal satisfaction in life. Their brains develop because there cognitive abilities are sharpened, so their brains are actually processing from time to time.

A mind who thinks and meditates consistently develops a certain permanence in him, that’s why he masters the language naturally. A person’s gift to learn lots of different language may be unique, as the term is famously known as polyglot. But an ordinary person can and will learn a language easily, depending on his will to keep on. And by that, there will be a positive feeling of satisfaction in him that makes him become confident, in a way. I’m sure most of those who undergone language learning can relate to this.

Social Aspect

Language is the basic medium for communication, thus it is intended to be spoken and written so that communication will take place successfully. Which is why a person’s social aspect is greatly affected with the kind of language a person uses.

Man is a social being, therefore he ought to socialize to different people; whether he or she is an introvert or not. A person will really communicate because that’s what he is, and his knowledge towards other foreign languages prior to his own native language makes him an effective communicator not just in his own society but also in the society outside of his! Imagine a Norwegian speaks Chinese effectively, he can already speak out his thoughts to Chinese people! He can probably make friends with them, have a relationship, and live life to the fullest! Isn’t this an amazing thing to fulfill?

Personally, bridging communication gaps is one of the best satisfying deed man could ever do for both himself and for the others. If a person’s knowledge in different languages includes the motivation to help others in his own way, well, he’s probably the happiest man in the world!

Learning languages makes everything possible, and these three aspects of a person’s life is developed and sharpened just by simply learning foreign languages. Try it yourself, and you’ll be amazed that indeed, your language learning developed your professional, personal, and social aspect that made you into a better person!

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