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#ThRedwoodCon by @ReaganKeeter

By Pamelascott
After a divorced Chicago father is charged with killing his girlfriend and unexplainable secrets about her come to light, he'll have to figure out how much he's willing to risk to find out the truth . . . and how much of it he wants to know. #ThRedwoodCon by @ReaganKeeter

Liam Parker finds his girlfriend, Elise, dead in the bathtub, wrists cut. Suicide, he figures. But the truth turns out to be more complex than anyone might expect. While trying to clear his name, Liam uncovers clues that suggest Elise was not who he thought she was: she was living under an alias, has a record, and lied about where she worked and where she grew up.

Making matters worse, his relationship with her has tied his fate to those of a conman and a stock broker, neither of whom he has ever met. And as these three men's lives hurl unexpectedly toward each other, Liam learns he'll have to do more than just prove he's innocent-he'll have to unravel a mystery that threatens to destroy everything he cares about.

The Redwood Con is the kind of thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.


[Elise charged into her apartment, trying not to think about what she had done tonight]


(Irresistible Publishing, 5 May 2020, 400 pages, e-book, #ARC from the author via # NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed)



I'd never heard of the author before they approached me, but I like a good thriller and the blurb intrigued me. This is a pretty decent thriller. I might check out the author's other book, Buried. I need to be clear, this wasn't an amazing book or earth shatter, but it was a sold, well written thriller which makes it a hit in my book. It's no perfect. For example, only characters who are actually named in the book seem to pay attention to what's going on and have any kind of depth. Other minor characters are just a black dot on the page. I like every character to have some flesh on their bones. The characters experiences and backgrounds are familiar so it's easy to connect to them.

#ThRedwoodCon @ReaganKeeter

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