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ThrashHead.com Is Proud To Introduce InDaPit.com! A Social Network for Music Freaks

Posted on the 11 September 2011 by Ripplemusic
InDaPit.com  is a social network specifically designed to address the needs of the underground, a private community where one can relax and discuss anything they want without the privacy concerns or being lost in the depths of a monster social network.
It isn't just about posting "activity" updates (what's a status?), you can create groups, forum topics for those groups & documents as reference materials to inform and educate others. It doesn't have to be about just music....you can write a doc on how to survive the collapse, how to save energy, how to use Linux, create cooking groups....it's a community meant to bring all sorts of folks together w Rock N Roll being the binding force..it will become what YOU make it.
Right now, registration is open, but will soon close, once there are sufficient people registered at InDaPit.com, public registration will be closed, and all members become what we call, the "seed group", these people will be solely responsable for bringing new members into the fold with invites.  That's not to mean you can't join, you would just have to request and invitation here or here.  If registration is closed and you have to request and invite, be sure to include "indapit.com invite" as the subject of your email.
We already have Record Labels and Bands signing up! It will be a great place for you to, not only be yourself, but to network as well.
If you would like to learn more, then just jump into da pit now?

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