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Thoughts on the Possible Pollard Release

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The news of the possible release of Jonathan pollard was very welcome and music to our ears. With his date for possible parole approaching, it was not really new on its own. The fact that the Defense Ministry is considering not opposing the parole is what is new, I think.
After a couple of days of letting it sink in, I have a couple of questions/thoughts.
1. obviously, many think, despite official denials, this is part of a package to compensate Israel for the Iran deal. Maybe, maybe not
2. is it really going to happen or is it just being dangled in front of us to try to get us on board with something - maybe I ran, maybe something else, like what Clinton did in the Wye Accords...
3. Is it being dangled to us as an implicit threat? Sort of like a carrot for playing along with the Iran deal, or something else coming soon like a peace initiative, while at the same time also a threat saying we will snap this away if you make too much noise and don't play along, and then you will only have yourselves to blame...
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