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Thoughts on the End of Ze World

Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Htan

I didn’t see the apocalypse film 2012 – which is uncharacteristic of me since I loved The Day After Tomorrow - yet today I spent the morning researching Mesoamérica and the Mayan traditions of belief.
I delved deeper into the exploration not because I’m superstitious of these “end of the world” prophecies, but more so for the inner classical studies enthusiast inside me. It’s all pretty interesting and mesmerising… a writer’s dream of myths, dates and lost cities.

However, I’m not stocking up on tins of beans and corn and piling my eight children into my bunker so we can survive the apocalypse (perhaps because my family save cans of beans for Fajita night, I don’t have any kids and we live on the beach so we don’t have a bunker).

Also, I’m seeing Kendrick Lamar tonight so I hope he gets through his performance unscathed and I get my $60 worth of BET’s Lyricist of the year.

I also believe – if and when an apocalypse happens – why would you want to survive? I would run into the storm, or at least wait for it to envelop me. Why would you want to sit in a dusty bunker with canned food hugging your knees tighter to your chest, rocking back and forth, waiting for the aliens from Planet X/Nibiru to come and talk to you like that scene in the Spice Girls movie?

Further more, imagine how hard it would be to restore civilization. Apparently my generation are self-entitled and we despise hard work (because older people enjoy hard work?) – so, good luck with restoring civilization and paying your Gen Y survivors above the minimum wage to do so.

Personally, I agree with these impeccable theorists and I have agreed with them since I was 12 years old/since Funny Junk was still a thing:

TTYL, or never.

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