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Thoughts: Confidence and Being Happy.

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
This is going to probably be one of those long winded and chatty posts where I just literally put my thoughts into words. Apologies if I go off on a complete and utter tangent and loose track of what I'm actually trying to say, and if there's any spelling or grammer mistakes that I haven't caught! So stick the kettle on and grab a cup of tea because this could be a long one! 
I guess you could say that I've never been overly confident. In all aspects of the word. When you're no bigger than a tadpole it can be kinda difficult to think that way when the image your projected on a daily basis is one of a leggy, five-foot-something amazon-like women - not that there's anything wrong with that. But it's not a four-foot-ten, too skinny little hobbit either. I always used to get the sense that, if I wasn't already being mistaken for a ten year old, then people thought that I couldn't be 'attractive' or confident because I was so tiny. So, on I went in life, keeping my head down, staying like a quiet little mouse and also battling with a rather hefty bout of crippling anxiety that can strike at a moments notice. The worst being a simple trip to the shops and having to actually ask someone to get something down for me off the shelf, two major issues in one. And as a recovering Annorexic, it seemed as if the weight of the world was against me and wanted me to remain miserable for the rest of my life. Sad but true. 
I don't quite know what has caused this sudden shift in my out look on life, but I feel, dare I say... More womanly? More determined? More confident even? Yes, I may still be little, but this past week - ironically the week I was almost at death's door, I feel as if I've come out of my shell a lot more. I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day about this and made a passing joke that maybe after spending so much time around her, her confidence has rubbed off on me a bit. To which we both paused to wonder. She herself is petite - hope you don't mind me saying that! But we've both come up against this and, at least for me personally, o can't speak for anyone else, have grown to accept my height over time. Let's face it, I'm never in a million years going to be the height (or looks wise) of Kendall Jenner for example, so I just have to embrace it and get on with my life. Taking things one day at a time is helping and gradually starting to do more things that are outside my comfort zone is bound to pay off too. Like I said, baby steps. So, with all this in mind, I put together a list of things that I believe can help boost confidence and happiness, and if you have any tips or tricks, no matter how small they may be, I'd love to read them so pop them in the comments below.
Think happy thoughts. To quote Peter Pan, 'Think of a wonderful thought; any happy little thought.' I know this can seem hard at times, I'm the worst for being negative, but on the days that I keep a happy thought in mind are always the brightest.
Have a bubble bath. Sounds a bit silly but there's something just so relaxing about filling up the bath with warm water, lots of bubbles and popping on the radio. It really clears your mind and has helped soothed many a onslaught of nerves. 
Cuddle a pet. Jasper always cheers me right up if I'm feeling down or doubting myself. He's always there to offer a big old cuddle and there's something so calming about giving a dog (or any pet for that matter) a good old hug.
Read a good book. A good book can take your mind off your troubles and let you escape the reality of daily life, even just for a little bit. As you've probably already guessed, my go-to book(s) are, of corse, the Harry Potter series.
Talk about what's bothering you. Again, sounds obvious but I can be very hard to do. I should know. But as long as it's with someone you can trust then hopefully they'll be there to offer you some support or guidance, or even just a good old shoulder to cry on.
New clothes and underwear. There's nothing more confidence boosting than a new set of underwear or clothes. Even just for lounging around the house or going to work/school/university. It always improves my mood dramatically.
Chocolate. It's chocolate, think this one explains itself really. 
Remember that you're perfect just how you are. Probably the most important but hardest thing to do. Keep your chin up and keep smiling. 
- Thanks for reading, Jade 

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