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Those Pretty Little Vintage Dresses

By Vintagecountryrose @VintageCountryRose
Hey Guys !
So proud of this blog , only been running for three days , and the number of people visiting is extremely astonishing.When I started it , i never ever thought that it would make this much of an impact. So before I can continue with this blog,  i need to say a massive thank you from this blog , and to anyone who is helping us by telling their friends.We really appreciate all the help and support given to us , from our friends , and also by our avid readers .Thank you, and have a wonderful 2013 , and continue to be just as wonderful and helpful in the new year. Good luck! 
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Right now on with the blog 
Little Vintage Dresses 
I am absolutely in love with these dresses. But not many people seem to wear them anymore , but as unlikely as it seems , they are not difficult to pull off! All you need to pull off this look properly , in  true vintage style , is the following five things .Enjoy Chums! 

1. A vintage Dress

There are many approaches you can take , but pick the one that is right for you.That suits your body shape, looks and most importantly : your personality!
You could pick 
Those Pretty Little Vintage dressesA peter pan dress !
This is probably the easiest Vintage style dress to pull off. Suits most body types , and are available in many different colours ,from the bright and daring , to the cute and country : it can really fit around your personality. And they are very easy to dress up , or make casual.One things for sure , you will always look effortlessly glamorous. 
Those Pretty Little Vintage dressesThose Pretty Little Vintage dressesThose Pretty Little Vintage dresses Fiftees dresses!
Links :
These dresses are a tad harder to pull off .Wear them with confidence because in them you will look simply stunning.If you like making a big impression , then go for big , bold , bright flowery prints! If you want to wear a fiftees dress more casually, you could choose a more plain blue or black one. Strong , bold and beautiful ,these dresses sure do make you stand out in style.
Those Pretty Little Vintage dressesSimple Vintage Chic Dresses
These dresses are so simple to wear.First of all , there are so many different styles you could choose , flowers , stripes , spots, patterned , plain. These dresses are best suited on people with pear shaped body types , or very thin frames. This shouldn't put you off trying them though , they can be very versatile.These dresses are best for casual events, but you could pull off a plain or flowery one for a semi-formal occasion.

2. A peppy lipstick! 

Preferably matte , a peppy lipstick can really help an outfit along, and especially a vintage outfit! Lipstick is quite the most important bit of makeup for this look. Bringing a dash of color into the outfit. 

Red lipstick is the signature sign of vintage. Beautiful , elegant and fabulous. I reccomend you choose either the bright and bold red look , or the darker elegant version. Depending on your skin tone , pick as you wish. Both suit vintage dresses perfectly .

If you don't fancy rocking a red , you could also try a pale pastil pink ! Make sure that its light but also very obvious , as your trying to make an impact with your makeup.

Those Pretty Little Vintage Dresses
Those Pretty Little Vintage dresses

3. The sixties eyeliner flick.
This eyeliner look is very easy to do , and best achieved with a gel or liquid liner. Many websites have tutorials were they can show you just how to rock that look.But my best tips are 
1. If you have very shaky hands , rest them on a table , or other surface
2. Start small and build up , as this makes it easier .
3. Make the line thicker as you go 
4.Point your brush/ pen/pencil up and gently flick it upwards
5.Try and make your eyes look as equal as possible.
6. Play around and experiment ! You don't always want to have the same flick. Try making it thicker , or curvier ,or longer. Play around until you find one that you love!
7. Look at celebrities for inspiration , or watch some tutorial videos. 

4. The hair !

If like me , you have quite voluminous  hair , this part is easy for you. If you don't , there are various different shampoos and hair products you can use to help add volume to your hair. For this look its simple : big hair ! This doesn't mean you have to have a lot of hair , people with shorter hair may actually have an easier job of it. Create the volume in what ever way you want to , hair styling products , shampoos, drying your hair differently , or using certain brushes .Then finish the look of simply with hairspray , to keep it all in place. Maybe add a flower ? Beautiful.

Other Vintage Hairstyles you could try 

- A beehive hairstyle ( one of my favorites) 
- a voluminous bob 
- bombshell hair 
- Bangs

5. The shoes 

And before all you girls start to worry , glancing around for your pair of heels that make your feet ache , remember that low heels are in for the new year ! And work perfectly with this look .You can of course still wear big heels , but its soo much easier just to opt for small heels. Go for plain shoes , as not to draw any attention away from your dress.

Enjoy Lots!

The Country Rose 

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