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'Thor: The Dark World' Movie Review

Posted on the 11 November 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Thor The Dark WorldChris Hemsworth reprises the role of Thor the Asgardian prince and superhero in the latest Marvel movie.  Thor must battle the Dark Elves and prevent them from using the Aether to bring darkness to the realms.  Dark Elf Malekith has awoken from a suspended slumber to exact revenge on the Asgardian people who defeated him 5,000 years prior to the current timeline.  Thor travels back to Earth in search for his missing love interest, Dr. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).  

He soon realizes she has somehow absorbed the indestructible Aether.  Thor rushes Jane to Asgard in search for a cure.  The movie takes off after the city’s defenses are destroyed, leaving Asgard vulnerable to attack from the Dark Elves.  The movie chronicles the battle to essentially save the world (plot line to all these movies).

I very much enjoy watching Marvel and DC Comic films.  I love the sci-fi and superhero genre.  Because of my affliction towards these films I think I sometimes overlook plot deficiencies, while conversely expecting the unexpected.  Thor: The Dark World is a respectable sequel which ultimately fails to overshadow and outperform the original.  There are many parts in the film which really drag (similar to “The Wolverine”).  I felt I was being fed what I like to call “filler” material as a means to prolong the movie’s running time.  I did not appreciate the gesture.  In addition, I became a bit tired of the hackneyed storyline arc that if the “bad guy” isn’t stopped the entire world will be a goner.  Plus the Dark Elves looked like something out of a Tolkien novel.

Dark Elf Malekith

Despite these deficiencies, Thor: The Dark World has several redeeming characteristics.  The special effects were a nice compliment to the film and didn’t eclipse the plot or dialog (unlike that in the Man of Steel).  The movie also retains the quintessential superhero parts (i.e. romantic interest, super-powered villain, special effects).  The part which in my opinion prevented the movie towards failure was its humor.  Similarly to the Avengers movie, this film had countless funny lines/situations.  Witty dialog helps bring levity to rather gloom situations.  It also provides a welcomed change of pace.  The film also had its share of twists.

While admittedly not a huge Thor fan in my adolescent (I was more a Superman and Spiderman type of guy) I have come to really dig this character.  Clever dialog and a decent plot provide for an entertaining viewing experience.  Thus I recommend you watch Thor in the theaters, especially if you are a fan of previous Marvel films.  I don’t think watching this film in 3D is really necessary.  This sequel isn’t as wonderful as the first (I’d give the original film an “A-”) but it is pretty good nonetheless.  I also would like to note that just because I greatly enjoy superhero films doesn’t mean I recommend them all.  This year’s Iron Man 3 was a great disappointment.

Oh and if you do plan on watching this film make a mental note that there are 2 extra scenes.  One is mid-post credit and the other at the end of the credits.  The first one sets up the next movie.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (violence, strong sci-fi action and some suggestive content)

Running Time: 112 minutes

My Grade: B

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