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Thomas Cook PROFITS DOWN 666 Jobs to Go!

Posted on the 14 December 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
day215: Slave To The Companyremember, 666 is the Biblical number of the beast, even iff this Thomas Cook jobs-loss figure has been impishly tweaked to enhance today's rantorial angle, PROFITS.
This is always how these Corporate Restructurings go: you lose your job.
What this really means is, although you're already over-worked and over-stressed by your cattle-like existence of produce, produce, produce for your corporate slave masters, those of you who retain your jobs are generally expected to 'pick up the slack' across the office so that efficiency is as it was before your staff numbers were slashed.
What sorta corporate cunt world do you allow yourselves to live in?
Only the shareholders' premiums seem to matter in this tyrannical business world. Where have we gone, being slaves like this, to T.H.E.Y.?
Where did we make this agreement to spend OUR CREATIVITY, OUR PASSION, OUR KINSHIP on their fucking wasteful interests, their PROFIT?
Why are we not, as a global populace of Seven Billion Sovereign Individuals, not demanding our Free Planet?

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