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This Year’s Trendiest Wedding Style and Decor Ideas

By Weddingblog2011

This year’s trendiest wedding style and décor ideas are all about vintage glam and inspiration from the 1920’s and 30’s. Check out some of these swinging styles influenced by the Roaring Twenties!

Everywhere you look, you’ll notice that this year’s trendiest wedding style and décor ideas are vintage inspired. From Old Hollywood accents to retro wedding gowns, vintage fever is sweeping the bridal scene, and this year’s trendiest wedding style and décor ideas are no exception. This year’s trends focus on the 1920’s and 30’s, with lots of flapper appeal.

The great thing about these eras is that they offer all kinds of bridal décor and style ideas, but they can be blended with modern looks, too. If you want to keep your ceremony and reception looking old but with a little bit of new, this year’s trendiest wedding style and décor ideas may give you just the thing you’re looking for.

Classic Chanel Accessories: Opt for classic Chanel No 5 perfume or red lipstick, and an elegant string of pearls to go with it. These timeless accessories instantly bring a vintage feel to your wedding ensemble and to your wedding day as a whole.

Gambling Fun: Along with dapper fashion, you can add touches of gambling fun to your reception tables with pairs of dice, poker chips, and even decks of cards. Some of these items even make great wedding favor ideas and enhance the 20’s and 30’s theme at the same time.

Boozy Nights: Moonshine and bathtub gin can be served up in Art Deco jars and bottles and can be used during dinner or placed around your reception tables for decoration. Your guests will feel like they stepped right into these swinging eras!

Feathers and Rhinestones, Wingtips, and Lots of Lace: Veils, bridesmaid dresses, and men’s shoes with any of these accents are the hottest trends this year. If you want to embrace this year’s trendiest wedding style and décor ideas, start by incorporating your attire and reception atmosphere with any of these elements.


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