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This Year’s Hottest Wedding Reception Trends

By Weddingblog2011

Every bride can benefit from learning the year’s hottest wedding reception trends. These ideas will inspire fresh ideas for your occasion’s style and décor, and they are sure to wow your guests, too!

If you’re looking for this year’s hottest wedding reception trends, then look no further. We’ve complied some of the very best reception trends to keep you aware of the latest bridal styles and design ideas, so you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to use for your own wedding.

The fun thing about this year’s hottest wedding reception trends is that you don’t have to incorporate them exactly like the bridal magazines tell you to. Many of this year’s trends revolve around classic styles and ideas, so they blend a little old with a little new. This gives you the chance to draw inspiration from them and make your own trends, without winding up with the same exact ideas as the next bride.

Here are some of this year’s hottest wedding reception trends. Take your pick!

Height Cakes: Height cakes are composed of three or more cake tiers, each one tall, thick, and wide, to create a towering effect. Some height cakes are a few feet tall, so if a dramatic, extravagant wedding cake isn’t your cup of tea, then a height cake may not be the thing for you.

Family-Style Dinners: Family-style dinners have been popular over the past few years, but with the intensified resurgence in vintage wedding styles and décor, they are all the rage this year. Have your guests sit face to face and let them pass around the food to one another like they would at a family dinner table.

Clothespin Seating Cards: Again, vintage is in! This is another great way to incorporate a warm, romantic vintage look into your wedding reception. Set up an old-fashioned clothespin line and line it with seating cards that display your guests’ names and their table numbers or locations.

Personalized Wine Bottles: You don’t have to gift everyone with personalized wine bottles, since the expense can add up quickly! You can, however, have personalized wine bottles made for serving on your reception tables.

Customize them with your names, wedding date, a picture, or any special message you’d like to share with your guests. This is one of this year’s hottest wedding reception trends and one of the most fun, too!


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