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This Year I Resolve To . . .

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

Now that 2011 is almost behind us and 2012 is well on the way, who isn’t thinking about making this new year better than the last one? Oh, yeah, we all talk about making our New Years resolutions really count this year. No more procrastinating!

But, does that really happen? Do our best intentions quickly fizzle out as the New Year gets under way? Maybe we’re setting ourselves up for failure because we’re trying to accomplish something we can’t complete without a workable, realistic plan in place. Is there a better way, or are we doomed each year to talk the talk, but not walk the walk?

What is a New Year’s resolution anyway? By definition, a resolution is a determination to do something. Maybe it’s to lose weight, find a new job, enter or terminate a relationship, or start a family. Whatever the resolution, it’s usually an attempt to improve behaviors or make decisions ending with a good result. So where does it all fall apart? Do we have good intentions without good follow up?

Are our resolutions reasonable to achieve? Is it within our means to obtain them? Will they require a dose of magic, or are they grounded in reality? Will working on our resolutions create more stress than any outcome could benefit us? Roadblocks can pop up any time to keep us from our goals – unrealistic expectations, financial constraints, lack of discipline, and a poor support system are the biggies.
How many of these common resolutions are on your list this year?

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