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This Week Mostly at Hospital

By Nancymccarroll
Our weekly RCIA Meeting on Tuesday night with Fr. Isaac and others, learning about the dignity of life in its many forms:
This Week Mostly at Hospital

Oh, and it was my birthday Tuesday, with my husband providing some carrot cake refreshments that evening.  Thank you for birthday cards sent by Kathy M and Kathy W, Madge, Mary Kay, Sharon, Lynn and several others I cannot recall as this is being typed!

This Week Mostly at Hospital

Knitting continues on two projects while sitting beside that hospital bed.  

This Week Mostly at Hospital
Piper's Journey Shawl
This Week Mostly Hospital

I finished two books read aloud to Julie this week.  It makes time go by more quickly, although my voice sometimes gets froggy.

We have completed Karen Vorbeck Williams The House on Seventh Street and are rapidly getting through her other book, My Enemy's Tears.

This Week Mostly at Hospital
Gene reads Mark Sweizer's Liturgical Mystery books to her (his second read aloud book now underway).  Gene has read them all and highly recommends them as light fun.
And Julie began her third week at St. Mary's Hospital...
She had a reaction to her antibiotics, enough to have it discontinued. It was changed to another one by IV last night. Her wound looked in order yesterday when they changed out the wound vac and put on another one. The wound care nurse at the manor came over to observe how the nurses changed it out so that the manor nurses could learn how to do it there. Julie will have it changed again tomorrow, and maybe she can go back to the manor late tomorrow on oral antibiotics. Maybe.

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