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This Video Of John Gotti In Jail Talking To His Grandson About Steroids In Sports Has Peaked My Interest

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit


So I heard the audio of this video on the radio this morning and I’m all in.  Gotti straight up telling his grandson that to be a basketball or baseball player you’ve got to be on steroids if you want to be successful.

From the video: “You ain’t gonna be a baseball player or a basketball player.  Let me tell you something about baseball and basketball players. First of all, you got to be a good liar, a good lowlife, and an imbecile… You gotta take steroids. You must take steroids! And anybody that takes steroids is a garbage pail.”

Go ahead Gotti!  Let those steroid guys know they’re garbage pails.  Never mind you murdered numerous people and were a legit crime boss for decades, the real problems are these guys injecting steroids into each others asses.

Honestly though, Gotti wasn’t wrong.  According to the New York Post, this video came from the same year Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were breaking Roger Maris‘ home run record with muscles the size of watermelons in their biceps.  But I’m sure Bud Selig knew nothing of the illegal drugs that they were taking at that time.  He was just happy everyone was paying attention to his precious little MLB again.  Gotti may have been a killer, but the guy wasn’t too far from the truth when he said you needed to be on steroids.  At that time, the biggest and strongest players were getting the most attention, and it was all thanks to Bud Selig pretending he didn’t know what was going on.

I digress…

P.S.  The end of that video when he goes HAM on his grandson for being a smart ass is Gangster 101.  Nobody, and I mean nobody is above an ass whooping.  You want to say some dumb shit to your mobster grandfather, expect him to come for you.  This kid wasn’t ready and Gotti knew it.

“I’ve got a many people who if they could come to see me right now would cry just to be able to see me,” Gotti told his grandson. “You’re not doing me a favor coming to see me and sassing me. . . . You can look as sad as you wanna look. Now give that phone to your uncle and get the hell out of here.”

BAWSE status.

s/o to Newsmax for the last quote.

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