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This Time Next Year.

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
this time next year.
I was recently tagged by the lovely Louise of lousiebodlex to take part in the 'This Time Next Year' tag. If you haven't had a read and a scroll through her blog then you're seriously missing out!The idea behind it is to set yourself a list of goals for the year, explain how you're going to achieve them and then in a years’ time, reflect upon this post and follow it up with what you've managed to achieve and succeed in.
Post more frequently.
This is something I always struggle with. I constantly seem to be finding myself falling into these states of complete writer’s block where I know exactly what I want the post to be about, but as soon as I try and get the words out, nothing happens. This one I guess is more down to continuing to motivate myself. I've set a goal for at least two posts a month and a very bare minimum, but in truth I'd like it to be at least four if not more.
Increase social media following
By the end of the year, my wish is to hit another milestone for myself and my little blog. I'd love nothing more than to finally hit 500 Bloglovin' followers; and just to up the goalpost a bit more, perhaps on Instagram too? Is that too much wishful thinking? That'd be a lovely way to ring in 2018.
Save more money.
I'll hold my hands up and admit that I have a bit of a shopping problem. One that usually means that I end up spending money as fast as I get it. Maybe you can chalk it up to the fear of missing out on something. I'm not sure. I just think I've reached a point now when I'd rather know that I had a sensible amount of savings in the bank rather than another pair of jeans or a lipstick that I really don't need - nor have room for, (I really did need the FleurDeForce one though!) Probably the best way of doing this is throwing away my bank card, but in reality that's not going to help on a day to day basis. What I need to do most of all is squirrel money away in a savings account and learn to control my spending impulses.
Get a handle on my anxiety.
I'm a naturally anxious person and worry far too much. To the point that I find that there's days that I just don't even know what it is I'm so worried about. It's definitely safe to say I'm a 'glass half empty' type of girl. I'd love to be able to get out more and achieve new things. I really enjoyed the Bournemouth Bloggers meet up at the beginning of the month (which you can read about here.) the best way to achieve this is to keep approaching it with baby steps. Even if that's just one at a time and count even the smallest of things as another victory. Onward and upward.
Watch all of the Star Wars films.
Bit of a random one but time for a confession. I've never actually watched any of the Star Wars franchise. Only a few snippets here and there of The Phantom Menace when I was little. I'm always hearing about how good it is and at 25, I probably should have at least seen some of them.
Thanks for reading, Jade x

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