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This Planet is a LIMITED RESOURCE - Economics 1.01

Posted on the 02 May 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
this planet is a LIMITED RESOURCE - Economics 1.01I'm sure they tell all new students on the degree course at The London School of Economics and Political Science this, "This planet is a LIMITED RESOURCE."
I mean, even if they're NOT told this, they must have an idea that it is.
You know, you can't even put up some wind towers without adversely affecting the environment their turbulence creates, or the poisonous production methods involving rare earth magnets. It seems we're not only all connected in some wonderful and restrictive 'do right by' way, but we're also AT CAPACITY at all times. Even Newton warned us 'for each action there's an equal and opposite reaction' consequences are everywhere waiting to trip up our insane idealisms.
I tried to express this in my recently completed (second draft) Free Planet novel, a fictional  interpretation of many of the ideas presented in Free Planet blog's more philosophical moments, dreams and such, the horror of science gone wrong.
Even those 'alternative energy' gurus who are claiming LIMITLESS ENERGY FOR NOTHING. You guys are fucking insaner than the oil-users, the political world wreckers in ruthless pursuit of the control of the oil pipelines across this poisoned planet. Even if you can't see what a nuclear explosion is doing at the EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL LEVEL. Even if you can't see what is happening elsewhere when you pull free energy from this mysterious ether.
Everything comes from something, get that into your THICK SKULLS. I mean, I know you get this, but sometimes you just go fucking nuts and seem to forget this most obvious truth.
And it's the same with the limited resources we try to share with our fellow man, if there are TOO MANY human beings for a planet of this size, YOU THE PEOPLE have to be told this, as part of your education, part of the truth giving, 'for the good of Free Planet' and a way has to be found BY YOU to limit or cut back this cancerous number.
"But we like having fifteen kids and getting benefits and subsidised housing paid for by workers' blood, sweat and tears." Sorry, that's not what living RESPONSIBLY on a Free Planet means.
Do you litter everywhere?
So, why are you littering the world with your multiple offspring?
And don't think this is some sort of enforced government-inspired Eugenics-promotional piece. It's not. You're having kids, you're an ADULT. Do the adult thing. Either don't procreate, until such a time as the planet has HEALED A LITTLE from your viral infestation of the surface of this once-beautiful once-alanced planet, or at least, at the very least, limit your selves to one child.
Can you do that?
Yes, you can.
And that's the CRUX of this 'limited resource' rantorial, "Yes, economics 1.01 tells us that where we are is a sphere of FINITE SIZE. It's never going to get bigger (sorry, Neal Adams) and it's never going to allow for the ECONOMIC GROWTH MODELS you keep ramming into your gormlessly compliant students' heads."
This world isn't just about 'how many humans' it can feasibly hold, how many slaves to make the consumerist garbage the Corporate War Machine likes to have us buy, it's actually about HOW MUCH DIVERSITY can this planet sustain. And that number is probably about 90,000,000,000 separate energy converters, or souls.
"Growth is Good" - it could have come out of a 1980's Oliver Stone film, or equally out of a Virus Proliferation manual.
At this point, the balance of planet Earth has been broken. Broken by you and me. We now have to fix it. Return our homeworld to something we'd be proud to leave to our children's children.

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