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This Part Of The Budget Needs To Be Cut

Posted on the 27 December 2012 by Jobsanger
This Part Of The Budget Needs To Be CutThe ridiculous politicians in Washington continue to whine about the budget and how hard it would be to cut. The graphic above shows what a load of crap that is. Our military budget (about 45% of the world's military budget for all country's combined) could be cut in half, and we'd still be spending more than the other 9 countries in the 10 biggest spenders -- and that's the other 9 COMBINED. There is simply no reason for a military budget this big.
I know the politicians will say any cut to the military budget will hurt our ability to defend ourselves. That is not just untrue -- it is a damned lie! Most of this money doesn't even go directly to the military. It goes into the pockets of the corporations in the military-industrial complex -- who are getting rich making weapons that too often are either not needed or don't work.
A huge amount of money could be saved by cutting the money spent on the military-industrial complex. And a lot more could be saved by closing many of the more than 800 military bases we have around the world (whose purpose is to bully the rest of the world and have very little to do with defending this country). And that money could be spent in this country to help hurting Americans, to create jobs, and to get the economy back on track.
The budget does need to be cut to lower the deficit -- but not on the backs of the elderly, the children, the poor, the unemployed, or other hurting Americans. There is plenty of fat that could be cut from our bloated military budget.

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