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'This “New Religion” of This Era Does Not Permit (and is Hostile Towards) Authentic Christianity'

Posted on the 16 February 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

A fascinating read over at Pursuit of Truth Ministries, a new place for me, written by a nameless gay Catholic who is disturbed by what surrounds the Olympics in Sochi:

Anything that promotes the idea that we should self-identify and define ourselves according to our sexual attractions and or inclinations is a form of soft-coercion into a specific way of thinking. It is a unified objective across all sexual-minority advocacy groups, and thus one could loosely describe the movement to promote this way of thinking as a religion of its own.  This “New Religion” of New-Religionthis era does not permit (and is hostile towards) authentic Christianity – meaning it does not permit the idea that people should seek to find their identity first and foremost in Christ. It is a religion that is therefore counter to all Christianity, and if it takes root, it will destroy all orthodox Christian nations - whether they be Catholic or Orthodox. I hope and pray that the people of Russia and all other Christian nations take notice, as to prevent it from occurring in their own countries.

Dear westernized world, are you not able to see that your value set has created a climate where people self-identify and define themselves first and foremost in terms of their sexual attractions and inclinations? Can you see how you are so fixated on sexuality even to the point that you are encouraging your own children to self-identify and define themselves in that way as well? My heart pours out for these people (I was one of them) for as our world ascribes reductionist labels and parameters on “who people are”, many of this generation will come to realize that there is no true freedom in anchoring our sense of self-concept on our sexual attractions and or inclinations.  

Many of this generation will come to reject this way of self-identifying and defining themselves – but for many it may only be after being consumed by a search for validation within those identity labels. The danger of this imminent situation is that along their prior trajectories of seeking to come to fruition within these types of identity labels, unchaste activity abounds – and is often perceived to be a necessary for it is in unchaste sexual activity by which one may experience validate of self within those types of identities. This of course is not only spiritually destructive but also physiologically destructive. This, is the story of my life, and it is shared by others like me, and we literally watch in horror how our world feeds our children into the same mouth of hell that we too lived with our own lives. The cycle continues, and all we can do is pray that it be used for a greater victory in God’s time.

Sadly, we have come to know that if the worldly political climate maintains it’s current trajectory, dissenters of the worldly ways will continue to be silenced. However, on a hopeful note, we see more and more people choosing to reject The New Religion. People (like us) are sick of being deceived and are now more and more motivated by our own conviction to truth to reject the rainbow flag ideology – to reject the ideology that promotes the idea that we should self-identify and define ourselves according to our attractions and or inclinations.  This quiet, yet mounting rejection is occurring, yet the mainstream media remains silent as they continue to strive to deceive the world into believing that people like us do not exist.

I hope this person is correct about the mounting rejection of what's occurring.  I'm not seeing it but I pray I'm simply blind to the phenomenon.

Read the entire piece, it's lengthy but worthy, particularly when it notes that the hostility toward authentic Christianity is coupled with silence towards Islam.

Carry on.

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