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This Mug Makes Iced Coffee in Under 5 Minutes

By Dwell @dwell
There are plenty of commuter mugs that are insulated to keep coffee and tea hot, but there are few options for making home iced coffee from a fresh-brewed pot. The Zoku takes a hot 11 ounces of coffee and quickly chills it within the mug for a cold cup. Available for $30. View Slideshow Slideshow Zoku Iced Coffee Makers comes in many colors.

Pre-chill the mug by leaving it in the freezer until you need to use it. Pour in a hot fresh-brewed pot, and the lining outside the stainless steel interior efficiently transfers the cold it stored up in the freezer to the hot beverage. If you’ve ever poured hot coffee over ice to try and achieve a similar effect, you can understand the value of avoiding dilution in the process.

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