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THIS LOVE I CAN’T TOUCH, By Somefun Oluwasegun

By Samoluexpress @Oluwasegunsomef
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By Oluwasegun Somefun

You stand there and to your still life I brace to gaze.

Before me I can’t truly look at your face.

When I do, it’s all awe to describe

And I have to look away.

To stare at that face of yours, I can’t.

But Why this, Why me?

And so in this space, the dice is thrown for play.

You are beautiful, fair to look upon

Not that I have not seen more beautiful

Women beautiful to the human eyes and flesh

But you my love you are unique,

This connection is past beauty

And my being yearns for you.

Only for your touch,

Only for your love.

Maybe I shouldn’t even be here.

Maybe this my cross is you.

But I will overcome as sure as Christ.

I am not in the know of you,

Virtuous or not.

But I know you are and will.

It’s Christ’s last word not the world’s.

Who says love at first sight is crazy,

Who calls it silly.

This déjà vu has been here.

Have I known you?

Yet, my core cries,

Here is your missing rib,

The flesh of your flesh.

It’s forbidden to say I love you.

It pains here.

Until our time is right and ripe

And the Creator gives it a go.

We must not give evil the final say

That those after our fall wield not the last word.

We cannot have seeds of messed up lives growing in our budding garden.

This love I can’t touch,

We must not hurry

Else this passion, this heat between us

Will turn disobedient to God

And we perfect the flesh touch addiction.

So true love, my flesh

I am coming, you are coming.

But only when the time is ripe,

Only at the Creator’s Command.

Then this love I can’t touch today

Will become me tomorrow.

You will be this love I can touch

With Christ’s cord at the center of our union.

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