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This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) Market

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
While waiting for the sun to go down for that night view at Namsan Tower, stroll around Namdaemun Market, the largest traditional market in Korea.
Namdaemun (meaning "great south gate") Market wasn't actually in our itinerary, but we had a free day and I thought to meet another friend, Ga Yeong. No specific plan for the day, I asked her to suggest a place, and Namdaemun market came up. A market? Great! I don't care if I have no money for shopping, a market is always a good place to explore. Let's go!
This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) Market Just one corner of this huge marketPhoto by Ayin Ersando
With more than 10,000 stores you can find clothes, kitchenware, toys, souvenirs, hanboks, shoes, ginseng, food, anything and everything at Namdaemun. 
This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) MarketThis Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) MarketThis Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) Market I was more attracted to the food than the other stuff.Left photo by Ayin Ersando. Right photo by Bee Chavez.
I actually didn't find anything cheap (in my thrifty standards). Or maybe I just wasn't looking hard because I really had no plan of buying anything.
This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) Market
One person goes "Hello! Where are you from?" "Philippines," we answer. And this Korean guy sings "Bayang magiliw, perlas ng silanganan..." and that made me stop in my tracks. That's how I was lured into watching their demo of how kkultarae 꿀타래 is made. I was too mesmerized by how a hard lump of honey was made into threadlike things, to take a video never crossed my mind. Good thing some other person did. Kkultarae, meaning honey skein, is a sweet Korean snack made from the spun honey rolled with either peanuts or almonds inside. It was quite expensive, 5000 won for a box which contains just 10 pcs, but I just had to buy one. Yeah, food is my weakness.
And speaking of food, we had lunch at Galchijorim Alley in Namdaemun Market.
This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) MarketThis Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) MarketGalchijorim Alley where every restaurant sells galchijorim.
Galchijorim 갈치조림 is boiled hairtail fish cooked with radish in soy sauce, red chili peppers, and garlic. The spicy broth is best eaten with rice and gim 김 (seaweed). We also had fried godeungeo 고등어, a kind of mackerel. Of course, not to forget, the banchan (side dishes): pajeon (green onion pancake), geotjeori (cabbage kimchi), sigeumchi namul (spinach), oi-sobagi (cucumber kimchi with chili, garlic, fish sauce), eggs, and some kinda fish-jeon (fried fish coated in flour and egg).
This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) Market  A feast!
The place we ate in was a two storey made into three. Take off your shoes, crouch to your table, squat on the floor, and enjoy your galchijorim!
This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) MarketAt the second floor (more like the first-and-a-half floor)
Burp! Don't forget to pay: 6000 won for one godeungoe, 6000 won for galchijorim, 1000 won for a serving of rice. Gim and the side dishes are free.
Namdaemun MarketFind your way: Take the subway to Hoehyeon Station (line 4/light blue) and take exit 5. There are also many buses that stop by Namdaemun Market, see guide below.Hours: Any time, any day.This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) MarketSource: Namdaemun Market
Galchijorim AlleyFind your way: Get yourself to Namdaemun Market and bring this map with you.This Little Mustache Went to (Namdaemun) MarketSource: Seoul Tourism Organization
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