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This Kiss Cam Beats All Kiss Cams Ever

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

This Kiss Cam Beats All Kiss Cams Ever

Hey broad, remember that time you tried to be slick and kiss whatever clown was to your right.  Well, you better hold onto him because this guy just owned you LIKE. A. BAWSE.  Guy makes the most of this kiss cam, gets to drink his beer, clown out the chick next to him AND the crowd goes absolutely bonkers.  10 for effort, 10 for performance and 1 Million for the look on the chicks face right here.


That’s NOT a good look!  Plus him mouthing, “I love you,” to the beer is classic!

P.S. I don’t care when this actually happened.  Some things are just timeless.  

S/O to CDot for the gif.

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