This Japanese Face Mask Translates into Eight Languages

Posted on the 06 August 2020 by Thiruvenkatam Chinnagounder @tipsclear

At the front cutouts breathability need to be smart person as opposed coronavirus. Instead, it is designed as a standard wear face mask spreads Donut Robotics CEO Taisuke Ono. And it came to it is white plastic with silicone, tortor ligula, facilisis id, to which it has embedded the wearer's smartphone connected via Bluetooth. The system can interpret between Chinese and Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, English, French and Spanish.

Robotics donut before transferring the developed software for a robot called cane, two hundred fifty - but with the pandemic hit the robot project was put on hold. And it was his idea to use the software the smith who had come up with the team's in the face of the mask.

Robotics donut started in a garage in the city of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, in the 2014.

Although company co-Ono Takafumi Okabe is an architect with the aim to "change the world to a small motor, and communication of robots."

Robotics and donut, sweet calamus two hundred and fifty, the robot - designed for the useful information about the airport, and to provide for tourists to sail with them as his allies - the translation of the robot by means of a bed? And not one of the four prototypes of fragrant cane, two hundred and fifty, the project in the lab Robotics and 2016. Haneda he says, through faith, calling upon the beat in the competition, and aesthetics and user -friendly design and software to perform the translation in noisy environments.

This Japanese face mask translates into eight languages

This success prompted the company to take relocate to Tokyo, and three new team members.

Robotics software developed using machine translation, or with the help of special Donut says Ono scientists in the Japanese language. He states that "technology is better than Google API, or popular technologies" in the Japanese users, since most apps focus on translating from English competitor.

Research team began developing into any kind of Haneda Airport in 2017, and continued technology.

But before all these years, 19-hit Covid Asia and the airport project ground to a halt. "We were running short of money and wondering how to get the company going," said Ono.

Came up with the idea of ​​his own, and in their chariots, at the same time has sought for a solution to equip software for the products that sell well, which is in the pandemic.

A fast growing market

This Japanese face mask translates into eight languages

Ono, the first wave of distribution, says he expects that in Japan, with 5,000 to 10,000 larvae available from December. Priced at $ 40 to $ 50 will fall and there will be, said subscribed to the outside of the app. Robotics donut expand beyond that until April 2021 at the earliest, but the interest has been in the UK and US, from where they plan to crowdfund Kickstarter, says Ono.

That person's smartphones can connect to the Bluetooth chip to 32 feet (10 meters) away, said Ono. He hopes to make the mask is removed from the new social norms including hospitals and offices easier by enabling better communication. "Nevertheless, there are many things on which we have to meet in person," he said. "... in the normal person, and a very useful app."

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