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This is Your World, Isn't It?

Posted on the 17 August 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I'm talking of course about the always poignant life-commentary of a young Texan man by the name of William Melvin Hicks, take it away sir.

Now, and here's the REAL kicker, I've been asked A LOT lately on forums and directly via the Free Planet blog.
"Come on then, Philbin, (they always talk like this) how do we 'do right by free planet'?" to which I've wanted to respond KILL YOURSELVES.
Seriously, it would help. You're sheople kind are only confusing the very simple message here. Kill yourselves. Propaganda and Lies from PERFECT GAME PLAYERS who've been playing this game of Global Risk for aeons expect that you'll continue to support them with your taxes, your slave wages, your mortgages, your souls. Killing yourselves NOW stems all your future pain as your complacent arm-round-prison-food Hell crumbles around you. Kill yourselves is a good thing, as far as Free Planet works. It's better than confusing every simple issue with question after question, when what's needed is ANSWER AFTER ANSWER.
Mike, I've found out how we can live without money.
Mike, I've found out how we can use solar energy like plants do.
Mike, I've found out how we can banish oursleves positively from the surface of this near-ruined planet and allow a REGROWTH; a replenishment.
Those are the things FREE PLANET wants to hear, that you're ON BOARD, that you're WILLING TO HELP, that you're gonna renounce all claim to LEADERSHIP and OWNERSHIP and THE WORTHLESS EVERYDAY STRUGGLE TO ATTAIN MORE AND MORE PROFIT FOR YOUR OVERLORDS while milllions of living, breathing people in enemy countries are literally starving to death and vast species of plants and animals are being DRIVEN TO EXTINCTION at a greater and greater rate each Capitalist/Communist/Consumerist year.
You think I'm joking, don't you?
KILL YOURSELVES, it's not my Final Solution - Free Planet isn't mine, remember - but it wouldn't hurt. Seriously. DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET can be as positive or as negative a life-choice as you wanna make it. But you gotta start choosing between Eternal Corporate Terrorism (for their benefit, and fuck You The People) or SOMETHING THAT'LL HELP YOUR WORLD return to its former glory and wondrous bounty.
"THIS IS YOUR WORLD, ISN'T IT?" excellent closing statement for that youtube sequence and this post.

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