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This is Taking Forever

By Ninamorena @NinaMorenaXO
The shoe of the day is the patterned silk faille flat with ruffle detail from either England or the United States, circa 1790.
I was supposed to start writing my friendly review on StylePage today, but I have my excuses. 
This morning I had my prep for my end of the year lab exam. I have to test out electromagnets. Nervous breakdowns surrounding me, I had to stay calm and wonder how the hell to deal with a power source and ammeters that have a million different outlets, and the meaning of each one.
Not to mention, the goggles will ruin my hair. Not good. I also have a runny nose. It always happens that whenever I have to write a lab exam which needs my full concentration, I fall sick and exhausted.
Ethics is always a waste of time. I don't know why teachers keep pushing the topic of relationships. Being a fifteen-year-old is depressing enough, thank you.
In gym, I had to run twenty-four laps around two gyms in less than twenty minutes. I succeeded. I fail to understand why there's a time limit though, because life should not be a race. What if someone is training to be an all-star athlete while the other pulls a sweat just walking up a flight of stairs? 
In math we started the review for the finals. Being calm is becoming a foreign concept.
If you're actually still reading after this long list of complaints, I salute you.
On the other hand, I have math homework waiting. The sickening Five Star black notebook haunts my nightmares.

Ugh, I just sneezed four times and gave myself a headache. Lovely.
In a fit of frustration I began ripping all the pages out of my agenda, and I came across a page where Olivia must have written at least six months ago. I actually took a picture of it and posted it here in a post called "Stress Remedies." According to one of the best people I know,
Horse Tranquilizers + 'Ommm' aka Yoga + -_- (Meditation) = 100%As much as it pains me, I have to break the sad news to you all. My blogging schedule is gone. There is absolutely no way I can continue writing like this until after school ends. In an effort to stay sane, the next bunch of posts are going to be Polyvore sets, still letting you know what the shoe of the day is. And if I get lucky, some time to write as well.Blogger served as my diary today. Thank you for reading what no one else wants to listen to.XOXO,Nina

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