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This Is Not a Game: An Interview with Lady Pink

By Whatyouwrite @whatyouwrite

Graffiti/ Fine Artist Lady Pink knows her stuff. With a career spanning over 30 years, hundreds of canvasses, and walls, her knowledge of the art form is expansive, but also grounded in its tough realities. I caught up with the New York -based artist over Skype where she candidly discussed the first women of graffiti, the dangers of public work, and the current threat of the Vandal Squad (the Graffiti Police) on her life.

NM: Can you talk about any recent work, any specific work, and what kind of themes you’ve explored -

LP: I do a yearly mural project with the students of Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and we did that just a couple of weeks ago. Paintings- I haven’t really been doing too many for myself. I’ve actually taken the last couple of years off from too many projects since I’ve been going strong for 32 years and it gets a little tiring.

I don’t retain memory of anything I’ve done.

NM: Well you do so much so I think’s that totally fine… But there’s a piece you did called The Death of Graffiti that I really appreciate and has a lot of meaning. What were you trying to convey with that?

LP: I’ve painted hundreds and hundreds of canvases, so I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. What piece?


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