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This is Just Way to Cool, Scorpions Under Black Light Are Fluorescent?

By Probestpest @ProBestPest


Thanks to David H. for the pictures, I just love these black-light pictures.

Boy the scorpions this year have really been on the bad side of things, lots of calls and lots of scorpions getting into homes. Maybe its the rain or maybe the heat but these scorpions are crawling towards your home and eventually they will get in. A home-seal is really the best move towards keeping them out. Here is my list for keeping them out.

  1. Home-seal including the garage door seal.
  2. Reduce harborage, that’s where they live and hangout like block walls and any crevice or crack.
  3. Reduce their food, pest control.
  4. Black-light them at night and remove them – less equals  a good thing.
  5. Don’t let trees touch the house, super high-way for all kinds of bugs.
  6. Don’t clutter the foundation, don’t put sheds against the house – leave a space.
  7. Don’t think that a one time anything will work – you must stay be consistent with all the above.

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