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This Cafe Is…closed

Posted on the 28 January 2015 by Thomasjford

Shoppers walk past a closing down sign in a shop window in Cardiff, Wales

As Frank once sang “We’ve reached, the final curtain…”.

Yes, it’s time for the Movies and Music Cafe to close down, once and for all.

Due to the birth of a second child and change in jobs I really don’t have the time and, if I’m honest, the desire to keep churning out reviews every day or week, despite still trying to watch a movie most nights if I can.

It’s been great whilst it’s lasted, and it’s been a pleasure chatting to like minded movie folk, and just folk in general. The tedium of writing a review that probably only a handful of people will see, and probably less will actually read, has finally made me come to the conclusion that I have more fulfilling things to do with my time now. Just a logical progression, and one that I may reverse one day in the future.

matt crying

I have other ideas for sites that one day, if I ever get a chance, may get investigated and acted upon. The trouble is, there are a gazillion movie review blogs in the world, and most of them (including all of you guys) are better and more dedicated than mine. Ultimately, what’s the point?! There is only so much swimming against the tide you can do before you get tired and, in the end, drown!

bob crying

In fact, the only reason I carried on until now was because every time I saw a friend of mine, Mr Tom O’Grady, he said how much he loved the site and continued to read it. So, really, I didn’t want to let him down! So, thank you Tom, but now you are going to have to find your own movies to watch!!

leo cry

Good luck with your blogs everybody, I’ve enjoyed reading them over the last year or so, and I will make sure I pop in every so often to see what you are all up to.

If you ever want to visit the cafe for archival purposes, or a general reminisce (heh, I’m offering you the keys, it’s up to you if you are sad enough to take them!!) then you will find the address at http://www.moviesandmusiccafe.wordpress.com as of March I believe.

Kind regards

The Movies and Music Cafe

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