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Third-World Gun Bazaars Vs. U.S. Gun Shows

Posted on the 14 July 2012 by Mikeb302000
I've been invited to guest blog here for the rest of the month.
And to thank my co-bloggers for the honor, I've decided to build upon Laci's recent post by creating a poster to summarize the issue a bit more, showing that our extreme gun culture in the U.S. isn't functionally much different from that of the "third-world" countries we are horrified of.  Enjoy.
Third-World Gun Bazaars vs. U.S. Gun Shows
Other than the fact that these third-world gun markets are less tidy or well-lit and have a bit more dangerous weapons (like fully-auto machine guns -- though the gunloons here in the U.S. would love to have the ability),  I don't see much difference between the gun market of Darra, Pakistan, for instance, and most gun shows here in the U.S.  As with the Darra market, you can walk into most gun shows here in most states and buy as many gunz you want, right up to .50-caliber sniper rifles and semi-auto assault rifles, no background check needed (from private sellers).

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By MetalHeadMitch762
posted on 10 December at 16:02
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lol I bet if you ever went to a gun show you'd shit your pants. I go to gun shows all the time and thugs do not flock there like crazy, its just average people buying guns and ammo and military collectibles. There is nothing wrong with 50 cal rifles or semi auto rifles that look like military rifles. Gunloons is a quite derogatory term too, fully automatic machine guns are sold at gun shows but only by class 3 ffl dealers. C'mon man