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Third Whistle Blower Confirms Obama’s Participation in CIA Jump Room Program of Early 1980’s

Posted on the 07 July 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’sI'm in danger of turning Free Planet into the National Inquirer, but here goes.
I'm taking a punt on this latest direct communiqué from Alfred Labremont Webre, where a third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s, though I have no real idea where this Conspiracy of Accusation is going.
This new whistleblower, states that (wait for it, wait for it) your President, Barack Hussein Obama formerly educated as young Barry Soetoro on foreign scholarships in American Universities, is in fact a CIA Asset trained in the Mars Jump Room Project of the 1980s.
Obama as a time travel pre-identified CIA asset
Whistleblower Bernard Mendez' detailed testimony that Mr. Mendez not only participated in the 1980-83 CIA jump room program with Barack Obama, but engaged Mr. Obama in jump room experiments such as a flare experiment to determine the location the jump room technology was teleporting to, further bolsters emerging evidence that Barack H. Obama was involved at the early age of 19 in a highly classified, top priority U.S. national security project, and went on to be a life-long CIA asset or operative.
It is logical, then, that the Obama administration would use such a high-level asset as Tommy Vietor, official spokesperson of the National Security Council, to deny, on January 3, 2012, that Mr. Obama was a participant in the 1980s CIA jump room program.
The CIA jump room program, and its origin with a species of Grey extraterrestrials with whom the U.S. government has had an ongoing secret human-extraterrestrial liaison program, is of the highest national security to the U.S. government.

Yup, them is some wild accusations, right there; right?
and there's more divulgence of what this Jump Room's all about on the actual blog report @ Alfred's site, quote below.

1980-83 CIA jump room program
During the seminar, Mr. Mendez explained that his mission to evaluate the CIA’s jump room program originated from discrepancies being reported by the jump rooms on the U.S. east and west coasts, respectively. The east coast jump room was located in New York City, the west coast jump room in El Segundo, CA.
According to Mendez, the jump room technology had been transferred from a species of Grey extraterrestrials to the U.S. government. The west coast and east coast jump rooms were reporting up to 40 incidents of participant injuries per month occurring during jump room “teleportation” to unknown environments in space. Yet, several days after each teleportation jump, the reported injuries to participants had disappeared.
Both the east coast and west coast CIA jump rooms experienced losing power at times when their control room in Ohio was reporting normal operation of both jump rooms. The speculation was that the source of the jump room technology – Grey extraterrestrials – may have been covertly interfering with the functioning of the jump room teleportation technology, unbeknownst to control room operators in Ohio.

President Obama has recently gone on record saying, "The USA has not had contact nor done any deals with Extra-terrestrial races," paraphrase.
My 'Doubting Thomas' impression here is that every time any President talks about ALIENS AMONG US, for example 1987 President Ronald Reagan's ALIEN THREAT address to the United Nations and the military-operational phrase STARGATE, I have a nagging suspicion that they're talking about some military NWO Total Global Domination GO GO GO moment.
I don't like being part of a CCPO or Cynical Corporate Psy-Op against You The People, which all this 'exo-political' business might be but I'm intrigued as to what this series of revelatory whistleblowers' testimony is all about or heading towards?
Any 'real' ideas?
Any 'real' answers?
Any 'real' whistleblowing testimony?

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