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Third Wedding Anniversary Gifts

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Third wedding anniversary gifts

If you are celebrating your third anniversary or you know a couple that is approaching their third year of marriage, you might need the perfect third wedding anniversary gifts. Here are some amazing and thoughtful gift ideas that will make your spouse or a happy couple smile.

The top choice in wedding anniversary gifts is flowers. The flower associated with the third year of marriage is the sunflower. These blooms are strong, bright and passionate. The flower is impressive and perfectly symbolizes the strong foundation on which you have built your marriage. Sunflowers can be arranged together in a clear glass vase and you don't need any other blooms to complete this bouquet. Of course, they can be paired with other flowers if you would like some variation in terms of colour and texture.

The colours associated with this anniversary are white and jade green. So, if you are not able to order sunflowers, you could always order a bouquet that includes these colours. Ask your florist to put together a bouquet that includes white daisy-like flowers and lush foliage for your spouse.

The traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather while the modern gift is crystal or glass. If you want to include this gift as well as fresh flowers, you could choose a luxurious vase to pair with your flowers. This will make the most thoughtful of all wedding anniversary gifts.

Remember to include a message card that expresses your love and appreciation for your spouse. If you are celebrating the anniversary of another couple, you can offer them words of encouragement. For your children, offer words of advice and support. Marriage is not always easy and it does require work. That is exactly why it is important to celebrate every year of marriage with the right wedding anniversary gifts.

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