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Think Daily

Posted on the 28 December 2012 by Beingunordinary

You think you think, but you don't. I think a key part of accelerating yourself and helping promote positive lifestyles is taking time each day - ideally an hour - to do nothing but think. I find it best to do this in a quite place with no electronics and just paper and pencil. 

I leave the computer and my phone in the office and either go to a quite room or outside if weather permits. I know an hour might be stretch - especially if you have kids, spouse and family - but some thing is better than nothing. This is especially important if you work like a do…nonstop and your mind constantly churning. 

I usually try to break my thinking regimen into certain tasks/topics, very broadly that is. I don't create a task list for my thinking time, but more try to guide myself going in. 


Think daily

How your life could be better, why you're thankful, how the world could be better. I think about what I want from life. I think a lot for work and about what I'm going to wear or have for breakfast, but that's not the type of thinking I'm talking about.

Part of what thinking does for me is that it allows me to turn off my brain, or at least access another part. This is very important as it promotes brain control - sounds crazy enough, so crazy it might just work. What I mean is that it helps you access different parts of your brain and turn off certain parts. The big key for me is turning off. In the past it has been virtually impossible for me to stop thinking and just live - another cliche I know - but it is true, I would always be preoccupied and my mind in aflux, it drove a wedge between myself and friends and family.

Enough about trying to stop thinking, this post is about thinking. So what do I think about? I don't think about work in the conventional sense, but more a self reflection and holistic outlook. I think about the world, my life, how it could be better. I take the time to think about where I want to be irrespective of where I am.

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