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Think and Act Like a Quartet Player

By Thinkibility

What can we learn by watching Quartets playing classical music?

Quartet players face many tough challenges in today’s world. Is it possible to attract new audience while at the same time being interesting for the existing audience?

Interestingly a mature company may face the same questions as quartet players.

Can a string quartet consisting of four virtuosic soloists create a perfect ensemble?

The performance by Salut Salon, highlights a couple of vital aspects that may help any company to grow and develop. The quartet allows each player to be a virtuosic soloist but they work as an ensemble where each piece is a perfect display of classical skills mixed with cabaret-style show where the players display creativity and flair.

The players in Salut Salon are enjoying themselves and you can feel their love for music, showing-off and playing together.

Maybe you can use some of these ideas in your own company. Think about ways that you can:

  • Stand out and be unique.
  • Be creative and break rules to capture everyone’s interest.
  • Allow everyone to nurture their special skills and interests.
  • Have fun and work together.
  • Develop a vision to ensure that you capture the interest and heart of your audience.

Can you explore any other groups to gain new insights and ideas? Maybe a sport team, or an army of ants.

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