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Things You Should Know Before Buying a Printer

Posted on the 19 September 2012 by Mirchimart @Chilbuli_Guide

Today while buying a printer various people don’t know which one to buy and why? So we are here to get you know about how to buy printer by judging all its qualities. Like while selecting mobile phones we like to know about its hardware, software, price and other additional features. Similarly printers also have some aspects like dpi, paper handling, internal memory and networking, etc.  We can also compile all above with a line: “How To Buy A Printer?” So we going to shine light over the aspects below:

Set Targets

First you need to set budget for your printer. You want to buy colored or black and white Printer, or a multipurpose printer which also has fax, scanner and copier. Set your goals on what do you want from this type of machine. But keep in mind low cost printer will have high cost printing.

After doing all above things you need to know these things:

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

If you want printer for only text based printing you can buy printer with 300, 600 dpi or dots per inch. Since most of the text based printing is done via black and white ink in which we don’t need high resolution printing.

If you want printer for high resolution photos then you need printer with higher dots per inch rate. It will give you image prints at high resolution.

Paper handling

These days, there are various types of printers from small to large size which have different types of paper handling. Some large printers automatically handle paper while most of the printers need manual help to take paper in. If you want to buy for home purpose, then printer holding upto 10-150 sheets per tray is a good option. If you want a printer for Business purpose than you need to expect more in this category, they should have 250-500 sheets holding capacity per tray.

These days printers having duplex feature are making good money. Actually duplex printing allow two sided printing which cuts your paper cost and does its bit for environment also.

Internal Memory

We can also say it as RAM. Mainly Home usage printers don’t have any internal memory but Business usage printers really do. There are different ranges according to printers’ working. If you are going to buy standard printer then check that it must have Internal memory of 32MB to 128MB. If you are opting for high end printers than it must have 256MB to 512MB of RAM.

Different Printers For Different Purposes:

In market many types of printers are available to suit your work need. We are listing some printers for specified work:

Inkjet Printers:

  • High-End, Graphics-oriented machines
  • Speed and Print Quality vary with Inkjet Models but most of them print at slow rate due to its high quality.

Laser Printers:

  • Business Purpose
  • These printers work at fast pace and enable low cost printing
  • High price

Snapshot Printers:

  • As guessed, it is specially made for photo printing

Multifunction Printer:

  • It has fax, scanner, copier and printer all in one machine
  • It is available from low price to high price. Most of these printers (low cost) work on inkjet technology so it may slow down ppi.
Also read more on different types of printers.

So guys if you going to buy a printer keep in mind these points as these would help you to take out better printer for your need and in budget. How many of you going to buy a printer?

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