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Things You’re Doing That Won’t Give You Web Traffic

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Ahhh… I just realize that what bloggers mostly blog about is “How to get web traffic”.  But seriously I have never read or come across a blog post that talks about, how and what we are doing wrong and why we are not getting that much traffic to our blog that we always wish for. To me I feel that the main reason we are not getting that much traffic (as we want) to our blog is simply because we are not trying out new ways of getting it, right?


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There are some bloggers who don’t give a darn about your post, they are only at your blog because of backlinks and forget about the information you hold… if you are that blogger who always comments on blogs saying – “Thanks for the tip, it was helpful” and you are not putting what you learn into practice, you will only be in just one position for a long time


Things You’re Doing That Won’t Give You Web Traffic

If you have been getting 100 visits per day for the past one month and you have been reading my blog, then you are doing some things wrong.

If you have been getting 200 visits per day for the past one month and the traffic have not increased, and you have been reading my blog, then you are doing some things wrong. But what are the things you are actually doing wrong that you don’t know you’re doing?

Not practicing what you learn:

Stop asking how and where I get my web traffic from if you know that you can’t keep up or do the same process as I am…

Many people don’t actually practice what they see or read, even if they know that it would help them. Some bloggers want things done in automation so it will be easier for them, but they don’t actually want to know the downside of those automated tools.

My advice: it is not always about commenting, giving props to the author without doing what he/ she instructed. It’s about implementing what you read and give a “proper thanks” to the author by commenting. That way, it will make the author happier…

Always practice what you learn…

Your analytic is not for show, use it


Seriously, your analytic tool is not meant for show off or just seeing your total visits or impressions. Your analytic tool can guide you to ways in which you can get some good amount of traffic to your blog, but only if you follow the rules.

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Like me, I seriously don’t joke with my stat tools because they guide me on places I get my most traffic from.

I use Google analytic to know where my visitors are coming from the most (per day). I also use my statcounter to know where my traffic is actually coming from. The reason I use statcounter is because, I feel they are accurate and they show me my “came from” stat by the hour


My advice: Learn how to use your analytic tool to your advantage. If you know how to use it and you have not been paying attentions to it, you need to start now.

Always pay attention to your stat…

Promoting your blog post on social networks at the wrong time:

If you have been submitting your blog post to social networks and you are not seeing results, just know that your writing is not bad or your title is not good enough. One of the main reasons you’re not getting the result you’re hoping for, is because you are posting your link to these social networks at the wrong time.

My advice: Try to figure out the best time to post your links on each social network and you will surely increase your social traffic…

Know the best time to post on social networks…

A big word of advice:

I once read somewhere that; our brain can only do what we want “her” to do. That means we are the ones limiting ourselves. Imagine, if you can open your brain to like 5% percent more of what you’re using now, how super do you think you would be?

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If you always practice what you learn, and doing new things in the process, your limit will be limitless


Back to you:

I have only stated three things you’re doing wrong here. Do you have any other reasons to add to the list? Please do by using the comment box below and lets make the post more fun


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Do you have comments, questions or thoughts that you would like us to know? Please do drop them by using the comment box below. Remember that your questions, comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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